Nov. 23, 2019


NCCX UCI race #1 Hendersonville

By the time my race started, it was raining, the course was muddy and I was cold. I knew this day was going to suck when I started my warmup, I headed down a hill to turn onto a bike path when I crashed, sliding across the pavement, great… road rash and I haven’t even warmed up yet!

I took my call up, and finally got a good start, as we turned from the long start on the road into the grass (mud) the rider to my right crashed in an explosion of water and mud, it was cool to see!

My race sucked, I kept falling off my bike or it was sliding out from under me. I was still in the middle of the pack-ish when we hit the small wooded section, on the long straight somehow my bike just washed out and I crashed pinning my bad knee under me, I didn’t slide due to the mud, I just stuck like a golf ball. I couldn’t figure out which way to roll to relieve the shooting pain and was worried other racers were going to hit me or my bike.

Finally everyone passed and I could get up, I slowly remounted and rode for a bit to see how I felt. Nothing was broke and I even caught a rider on the next lap.

We had a fun battle for DFL and I had a lead as we hit the woods a final time, I had caught one of the elite women racers and told her to hold her line and stay on teh gas, I was racing for a position. Unfortunately on the last turn, she turned into my line and the other racer came around, as I got around her and started my sprint, my chain sucked up, release start again, same chain suck… race over I finished DFL. I hate muddy races!

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