Month: February 2020

Feb. 20, 2020


A snowy evening bike ride


I was nice to be alone in the woods on my bike. The highlight was seeing what I thought was a porcupine, but research says they are not in North Carolina, so I don’t know what it was….


I knew I would finish in the dark but I was having a blast, at least till the last 1/2 hour, I was soaked and cold, as always, great to see my truck and warm cloths.

Feb. 19, 2020


As I walked into the climbing gym tonight I could tell it was a different night… unbuttoned flannel shirts doing pull-ups, guys with their own face on the back of their jacket, and the smell of too much testosterone. Turns out the German competitors from this weekends Ninja Warrior TV show were training there…. thankfully they stayed on the bouldering side and never came into the ropes section.