Month: September 2020

Sept. 27, 2020

It took awhile in the dark last night, but I found this spot in the national forest to camp.

The first elk sighting of the day, there were several cars stopped on the road, so I left the truck running and walked up to get a better angle when I hear… “dog” I turn to see Kodak chasing full speed across the field toward this elk (She jumped from an open window) she either:

A. heard me and listened when I said stop


B. thought better of the outcome

But didn’t get all the way to the scene of the goring.

A nice walk, more elk, a good early morning.

After making breakfast, I decided to run Hurricane Creek, I was a little nervous running it solo, but ran into a small group of Toyotas and tagged along.

My first off-roading trip in Pongo and she is amazing, walked up everything and the trail is way more eroded than my last visit.

Anytime I am this close, I will always do the Max Patch loop hike!

Kodak looks around an old house

The walls were covered in newspaper and in some places wall paper.

Drive more random dirt roads before the long ride home.

Sept. 26, 2020

On the way I stopped at Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in Catawba County.

It is one of only two covered bridges left in North Carolina

But the goal was elk crossing the creek at behind the Oconaluftee Visitor Center.

I only got one elk in the river, so I went through the woods for a different view.

Even elk can be derpy.

Sept. 20, 2020

Nice surprise, today was Pongo’s first oil change and tire rotation by me and when I looked for the drain plug, I found it had a Fumoto drain valve installed already. Now if I could figure out an easier way to deal with the new filter housing, mainly not dropping the CBI skid plates. I will replace the plastic housing with aluminum one the next change.