Month: November 2020

Nov. 30, 2020

Just enough time after work for 2 hours on the Bicentennial Parkway from Greensboro to Jamestown/High Point.

It’s an unique ride south, a mix of city roads through industrial areas and paved greenway. The biggest issue was a lack of signage, in fact I was off course after 5 minutes, I am glad Gaia has it on their map.

Nov. 29, 2020

That felt good! After over a year of playing with and through pain and finally stopping a month ago due to pain, I was able to play pain free today! How you ask? with magic essential oils and crystals I sell….. OK that isn’t true, since my bicep tendon popped a couple of weeks ago, I have been pain free so I decided to test it today.

Deb made another turkey today… I love Thanksgiving leftovers and the only way we have enough is to make a second turkey!