Nov. 14, 2020

I do like Roanoke, a great downtown and plenty to do… hike, mountain bike and at least once a year, race cyclocross….

Saturday’s race: I was racing in the Pro, 1, 2, 3 and 3,4 field that included a former national champion (he lapped me every two laps) but I had a good start and settled in the middle of my field till the first mud section, my bike slide sideways and as I yanked to stay upright I felt a pop in my shoulder and my bicep really hurt. I tried to stretch while racing but every time I had to lift the bike or use my right arm to control the bike I was in pain. Now that I am a Cat 3 I have longer races and this one was 50 mins, I had to debate quitting or riding through the pain… I could tell racing Sunday with this pain was doubtful and was still in the middle of my field, so I rode on. I finished 13th of 19 finishers and once off the bike noticed it looks like I am “flexing” my bicep all the time. I think it is a partial tear of the bicep tendon based on the ball of something in my arm (hopefully I can see an ortho on Monday) or maybe it will go away overnight.

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