Month: October 2021

Oct. 31, 2021

My first race representing Recycles Bike Shop in Greensboro. My race was down, up and DOWN. I am still starting from teh third row and today’s start was a short fast before a technical run-up. I was waiting for that to clean up when the rider next to me fell and took out my legs, so down I went. Once I was going I had dropped to 13-16th. I worked my way back to the top 10 and was still catching riders when my rear wheel went flat. I walked the rest of the lap so I didn’t get a DNF.

My “teammate” Hunter had a much better race in the 16-18 Juniors race.

Oct. 24, 2021

NCCX Winston-Salem, a new course after the normal one was closed due to Covid. This was on a private property and featured large sections on fast single track in the woods. Once again I didn’t get a good starting position, 3 row of the 30 starters. The whistle blows and I miss the clip on my pedal and dropping like a stone. I was forced to stay in line for 1/3 of the lap till I could start passing folks on a rocky climb. Lots of fun battles on the middle laps, passing and being passed back. Finished 9th and did a cool down lap at Salem Lake.

Oct. 23, 2021

NCCX #4 – Davidson. I requested a cat change and race with the Cat 4 50+ field. It is tough to start in a large field in the last row and work yourself forward, but I had moved into the Top 10 as we went back and forth in the ‘essess’ at the start. As we finished the first lap I had worked myself up to 7th or 8th, tough to tell as we were catching the 40+ field. As we started the final lap, I had not picked off anyone in my field, but as we started the final climb, two from behind caught me and I cooked it into the singletrack, letting them get around me. I tried to stay with them as uphill finish chute started, but I faded for an 11th of 28 finish…. I hate losing two spots in the last 500 meters, but couldn’t stay with them. At least this week I was racing around other people!

I was talking in class this week how many photographers have a composition style they will go back to again and again… then tonight several hours apart I made these two pictures…. hmmmmm.