Month: November 2021

Nov. 27, 2021

I got to my ride this morning and the quick release wouldn’t turn – loosen or tightening. I took the fork mount of the board to try and leverage it back and forth. I took large pliers and could turn the QR cam, but the axle isn’t spinning.

If you turn the QR cam in the tightening direction, it will un-thread. The bolt is backwards threaded (left handed) and an odd size (not metric 5mm or 6mm and smaller than 1/4 but larger than #10)

Not sure what to do now:

  1. Cut a groove in the axle part sticking out and try a large screw driver
  2. Sawzall the fork holder in half, pull out left side of axle and try vice grips on remaining threaded axle on right side
  3. Buy a new bike and burn this one ; )
  4. Give up ever riding again and go to store for Cheetos and beer.