Month: December 2021

Dec. 28, 2021

A foggy sunrise, on the road!

Eric leading up a 5.10

Deanna on a under rated 5.7

Danny on a 5.10

Anna on a 5.10

No snake that is my rope!

Danny warms up on a 5.8 Rocky Face is such a unique climbing experience, no hike in, easy to set top ropes, but the holds are different in the former quarry.

Dec. 26, 2021

Working on Pongo, the left is a wonderful sounding aftermarket exhaust… but it is always “on” I wanted to try the quieter stock exhaust (right)

Every time I have worked on exhaust, I have had to cut stuff off. Pongo is much more peaceful cruising down the highway, I miss the rumble at start up and accelerating, but enjoy the radio more now!