Month: May 2022

May 30, 2022

So I was was watching a YouTube channel, Softroading the West ( and he pretended to find a stainless steel bowl in Utah ruins for his yogurt and granola, really he was making fun of another Youtube channel I had watched just days before, Primal Outdoors ( where he found a bowl in a river and said it was his new yogurt and granola bowl….. so I tried it today, they are right, it’s much better in a stainless bowl.

May 29, 2022

A good day, lots of house chores done, played tennis, got a bike ride in and added some “Bling” to my HiLift jack. If you have owned a HiLift Jack, you know they need to been cleaned etc occasionally, and my handle was looking rough, so I sanded and painted it to match the truck…. pretty

I also washed Kali and changed the rear tire…. pretty

May 26, 2022

Not the way to end a day. I stopped at my mailbox when I got home and Rojo died when I tried to drive again. Starts and idles fine, but as soon as you go into reverse or drive it stalls. Had to back Pongo down to pull her up to the house with the help of my neighbor.