Month: December 2022

Dec. 30, 2022

I wasn’t feeling it today, I needed to bike but couldn’t get motivated. After finishing “to dos” at my sister’s I finally packed up and headed to Harbison State Forest, my mind was wondering for most of the ride, but that place never lets me down. What a great ride! On the way over coming over the Lake Murray dam I saw the “locks of love” and the sunset and it made me smile. Always choose love!

Of course being Scottish, I also noticed how expensive some of the locks were ; )

Dec. 26, 2022

Music to my ears… all trails are open due to frozen conditions. I wasn’t expecting the middle of the singletrack to be 2 inches deep ice, and some of the high speed turns were sheets of ice, so an interesting ride this morning.

I love these ice crystals that form up from loose soil… the first time I noticed them was at Rumbling Bald a few years ago, and now I look for them.

I swear this look so much cooler on the phone.

Dec. 21, 2022

A good workout day. 45 minutes of disc golf, the old course at Barber Park… till I found the new course. This is the old #9, but the tee box is the other side of this creek and no way to cross. Then 1.5 hours of singles tennis and that night a visit to Planet Fitness.

Then more live shots, It was fun to do a walking one but had to light the whole scene and be the same through the whole walk