Author: jaycapers

Sept. 20, 2018


Post match pizza and beer. What happens when you tell them, I don’t care, get whatever… eggplant pizza, no meat, just eggplant. It was good. Good night for the team, I played #2 doubles and we won 6-4, 6-1, #1 team won, so the #3 was postponed again, but we won the match.


Sept. 19, 2018


Morning hill repeats. I was motivated to do a nice Photo A Day, but after my morning ride/workout, teaching all day and tennis in the evening, I never had the chance. Still it was a beautiful morning to be on the bike, even if I suffered during the workout!

Sept. 13, 2018


Ran to the store for a few items… if you make bread and as a hurricane approaches, yours is the only one on the shelve, time to find a new vocation.


My next hurricane prep chore was to dig out my drainage ditch… by hand. Luckily my neighbor took pity on me and helped!