Author: jaycapers

Nov. 11, 2018



I decided to race Elite Master Cat 1,2,3 today, why?

A. I am an idiot

B. I am an idiot

C. I am an idiot

D. All of the Above

I was a little intimidated as 27 of us lined up, so I position myself in the back, as I look around at all the guys in skinsuits, carbon wheels, etc, I feel like a mule in the Kentucky Derby. The whistle bows and I have 2 goals, not to be dead last and not get lapped by the racers that started in front of us. I immediately pass 5 guys and have a gap, OK maybe I won’t be DFL. As the laps (Cat 3 does a lot more laps than I am used to!) go by I am picking people off, I have a couple of great back and forth battles with racers and manage to not get passed by anyone that I didn’t pass back, I wasn’t lapped and finished 18th in the field, 8th Cat 3. A good day!


Nov. 10, 2018


North Carolina CX #7 – NC State Championships or my second Cat 3 race.

I had a terrible start and was dead last for almost half a lap! I finally started picking racers off and worked up to 4th and closed in on 3rd… but I couldn’t find my rhythm and kept having to dap, skateboard, and generally miss every line, so I was passed by a couple of riders. I finished 6th, but 2nd over 50 racer.


I played with off camera flash before my race.

Nov. 8, 2018


Protestors gathered at the Guilford County Courthouse as protests were held across the country to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia and Trump’s campaign.


One of the slogans was to shine a light on the naming of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.


I spent the night playing with a borrowed 85mm f1.8, but it is fun be shooting something real for my Photo A Day!


Nov. 4, 2018


NCCX #6 – Pinehurst…. or lots of sand!


My first Cat 3 race: There were 9 of us, after 8 call ups, I was alone on the second row. We start and I sprint to 4th and pushing third till the run up. I fell back to 5th as I had a slow dismount/remount and hit the first up/down sand pit (above picture)

The race is longer than any cyclocross race I have done, I was racing younger guys, and I had to wait all day for my start (I went early hoping for one more Cat 4 race)

To sum it up, I am very pleased with my race, I challenged 3rd for 2 of the 6 laps, finished 1 spot off the podium, I gapped 5th on the last lap and can race with these boys!