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Oct. 13, 2019


North Carolina USTA Team 40+ 3.5 Singles State Championship game. I played #1 again and started poorly, I just couldn’t get a break despite 5 games going to deuce, and dropped the first set 1-6. The second set stayed on serve 4-4 before I broke him and held for a 6-4 win. The crap shoot of tennis, 10 point tie breaker, he surged, I came back but he held on for a 10-8 win. I am still happy to have played in my first state championship match and I held my own.


Congrats to Brandon


Oct. 12, 2019


Day 2 of state singles tournament.

I played #1 singles again and my first match interesting, I had to use Benadryl last night and was in a fog, the player was one of those who doesn’t hit with a lot of pace, but rarely made a mistake… I wasn’t playing well, and wasn’t focused until he fist pumped a shot I hit wide (unforced error) that pissed me off – still I dropped the first set 4-6, I came back to win second 6-4, third set tie breaker went 11-9 but I got the win.

Between matches I looked it up, we were in second but needed to sweep all 3 courts to play Sunday for the state championship. Tan (pictured) has a heel injury, but fought through it to win, so we are playing the same team Sunday we lost to on Friday (I won my match, but that player isn’t coming back) Ralph and I have both played 4 matches, but Jimmy is subbing so hopefully he is fresh!



Oct. 11, 2019


A cool little camp site, Neuseway Nature Park, I had the place almost to myself.


Morning view of Neuse River


Ridgemont Country Club are the Piedmont 40+ 3.5 singles team in the state championship in Goldsboro after winning the summer season.  We are 1-1 at the end of day 1 and in third place. I played #1 singles for both my matches and went 2-0.

My first match was odd, I was nervous and tight and my legs were literary shaking. I fell behind 4-1, before winning 11 straight games to win 6-4,6-0.

My second match started better, 6-0 but let him win 2 serves and break me before I won the second set 6-3


Oct. 7, 2019


A foggy start to my ride.


The BRP Linn Cove viaduct was even worse. It was an awesome morning on the bike!


Then it was time to explore… a Forest Service Road I heard about….


pictures never do it justice and I quit taking photos as my stress raised and the obstacles became tougher… this was no joke; several washouts, ravens and wheel lifting later we were halfway through. Each time I walked a route, I was looking not to make sure I could get through it, could I get back up it if the road was blocked a or a closed gate.


An awesome camping spot for a lunch break. My truck is the minimum I would have wanted to take, 33 inch tires, 2.5 inch lift, armored with bumpers, sliders and skid plates… anything less would have resulted in damage!


A good day!


Oct. 6, 2019


A weekend that changes. Instead of elk, we ended up in Boone again, since I hadn’t planned anything, we searched for a waterfall I had not been to, this is Laurel Creek Falls (I think) but we rock hopped up the creek for a long ways looking for more. Either way this is an awesome swimming hole.


A corn dog and loaded fries with a gose beer at The Cardinal in Boone! Yum!!!


No sunset tonight, only fog!