May 12, 2019


A quick trip to Carolina Beach for Mother’s Day camping. This is as empty as I have ever seen Freeman Park, it was so nice!


Baby’s first beach trip, she wasn’t happy about sand.


But was happier if held.


Yardzee – Yahtzee on steroids.


Evening sunset


It was impressive to the very end.

Feb. 17, 2018

(Photo by Jay Capers)

I needed a weekend away, after working 6 days and a bunch of hours, we decided an overnight trip to the beach. The hike along Flytrap Trail to Sugarloaf Dune is pretty and finding Venus Flytraps makes it worth the hike (thanks Clay and Kay for the eagle eyes)

(Photo by Jay Capers)

These are small plants, both these are 1:1 macro photographs.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

As we reached the Intracoastal Waterway it was low tide and we could board and explore the US Navy BK-7947 – some kind of barge, but you can climb into the holds and has some cool rigging. (Video to come)