April 25, 2022

Pongo turned 200,000 miles today

I did pull over this time.

Almost stock and JD driving.

JD didn’t leave Pongo stock long and make a couple trips west. Notice ARB front bumper and stock rear bumper.

Then front bumper was replaced with a CBI bumper

Then one day, JD and I were having lunch and he mentioned he was selling Pongo, we ate without talking about it much (we both always talk about what is the perfect vehicle for our hobbies) but as we left, I asked if he was serious and what was he thinking of for a price…. he was and I had a deal within an hour after checking with my CFO.

and I got to finally make my trip west last summer.

Sept. 25, 2021

Up early and my longest ride in a while, I set a goal to reach the bridge – I hate when I set goals ; )

It was pretty

Then on the boat, fishing, shrimping and just cruising

My mom made a game for that night Saran Wrap ball, presents hidden in a ball that you unwrap with gloves on while the next player rolls dice till doubles, ending your turn.