June 16, 2018


The Taco at Ft. Fisher


Feb. 17, 2018

(Photo by Jay Capers)

I needed a weekend away, after working 6 days and a bunch of hours, we decided an overnight trip to the beach. The hike along Flytrap Trail to Sugarloaf Dune is pretty and finding Venus Flytraps makes it worth the hike (thanks Clay and Kay for the eagle eyes)

(Photo by Jay Capers)

These are small plants, both these are 1:1 macro photographs.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

As we reached the Intracoastal Waterway it was low tide and we could board and explore the US Navy BK-7947 – some kind of barge, but you can climb into the holds and has some cool rigging. (Video to come)


May 28, 2017


The end of the road (beach) on the South Banks.




or just the Tacomas


the tide was perfect for shell hunting

052817pod_0013 052817pod_0014



Then over to the lighthouse


We cooked dinner and watched the sunset


Shrimp boats

052817pod_0017 052817pod_0018

Then we headed back to find a place to camp for our 6:30am ferry.


Well crap, thunderstorm warning, lightning, and wind. We slept (or tried) in the truck cab till about 12:30am and gave up and set-up the Flippacs.

Click to see a Video of Trip

May 27, 2017


After the hike we camped for the night, waiting for our morning ferry to Cape Lookout – the South Core Banks. Kodak seemed happy to back at the beach.


We drove around looking for a secluded area to camp and found this fresh turtle track, she must have laid her eggs hours before.


This site is perfect, can’t see a camper down either side!


Clay fishes for bait.




Kay wanted her picture with her fish – then it jumped (or whatever fish do)


Light painting – two Tacomas with Flippacs.


Jan. 1, 2017


2017 started with a hike through the trails at Carolina Beach State Park. One of my resolutions this year is the #52hikechallenge – to average one hike a week during the year.

Hike #1 of the year, a big loop hitting almost every trail in the park, 2 hours and 40 minutes and ~6 miles. We had two goals:


Sugarloaf Trail, leading to Sugarloaf sand dune, a 55 foot tall dune used on navigation charts since 1663 for river pilots on the Cape Fear River.


Someone left a rope swing.


and Flytrap Trail, searching for wild Venus Flytraps – thanks to the eagle eyed Clarks for finding a pair of them –


just a cactus, but cool to see it with fruit in the “wild”


On the way back to the start, we saw a bunch of buzzards in the woods – there must be something there – so we investigated….


a fresh coyote




feet and ears



We debated why so many remains in one spot. Choice 1 – Park employees dump road kill here. Choice 2 – Park employees kill problem animals and dump here (but if the fox was suspected of rabies, seems unlikely) Choice 3 – We have entered a VERY BAD place.


Before heading home, we headed back to the beach and just watched the ocean. Welcome 2017!

Dec. 31, 2016


The last day of 2016 started at the USS North Carolina, a WWII battleship in Wilmington.


Nicknamed “The Showboat” – the ship was only active for 6 years (4/9/41- 6/27/47).

123116pod_66 123116pod_67

A Great Blue Heron during another walk along the Snows Cut shore.


Cars pass over the Snows Cut Bridge going into Carolina Beach


Two Flippacs set up, playing cards till midnight!

June 12, 2016


A rare sight, Deb on the boogy board.

061216pod_n 061216podB

Any trip that includes a ferry is good!


As kid growing up watching Scooby Doo, I assumed Quicksand was a much bigger danger in my life.


Almost home or how to squeeze the most out of 35 hours. This is one of Deb’s rare Friday through Sunday off, so we had to do something. The beach weather looked promising, so I called around and the only campground that had a spot was a sketchy one we only stay at when desperate. Friday I had to do the Taco brakes after work, so we planned to leave early Sat. and were on the road at 9:35. We were on the beach by 2pm and it was packed (this is rare for Ft. Fisher SRA) but we found an open spot and set up. We played in the water, napped, etc till dinner time. We had planned to cook on the beach, but it was too windy, so we headed to sketchy campground and ate, showered, listened to the domestic dispute across from us and played cards. Sunday was back to beach; play, nap, eat and then head home. We decided to take the Southport ferry and skip all the Wilmington traffic, had ice cream, Smithfield Chicken and BBQ – about perfect for 35 hours.