Nov. 19, 2019


Me and the farmers chasing the light in the fall.

Nov. 3, 2019


A busy day! Grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, oil change on the Tacoma, bottom bracket change on the cross bike (after finding it frozen after last week’s race), tennis with Sean, bike race and indoor climbing gym.


This week’s race was Winston-Salem. Because it was also the state championship, we had a bigger field


I made the decision to start more aggressively, and had a top 6 spot through the first turn


But I faded quickly to 9th, where I stayed till I had to dismount on a root (first picture)


I finished 10th!


After the race I was only 1.5 miles from the climbing gym.





Oct. 27, 2019


I finally made a start (and finish) in the 2019 North Carolina Cyclocross season.


After a lot of overnight rain, the course in Boone was muddy again!


I had fun, didn’t race well, fell a couple of times, but it was great to be back on the start line this weekend!


After the race, I explored for fall colors


The light wasn’t great, so I went for a hike


Goshen Creek is a pretty little waterway


not much color on the trees


but fun to rock hop


a just enjoy the silence


then I tried another HDR of the sunset



Oct. 7, 2019


A foggy start to my ride.


The BRP Linn Cove viaduct was even worse. It was an awesome morning on the bike!


Then it was time to explore… a Forest Service Road I heard about….


pictures never do it justice and I quit taking photos as my stress raised and the obstacles became tougher… this was no joke; several washouts, ravens and wheel lifting later we were halfway through. Each time I walked a route, I was looking not to make sure I could get through it, could I get back up it if the road was blocked a or a closed gate.


An awesome camping spot for a lunch break. My truck is the minimum I would have wanted to take, 33 inch tires, 2.5 inch lift, armored with bumpers, sliders and skid plates… anything less would have resulted in damage!


A good day!


Sept. 15, 2019


‘crossiscoming is now ‘cross is here!

First race of the year, an open Cat 2-3 on a very bumpy course, including this multi line minefield.

I started on the front row, and stayed with the lead group for a while, it’s a training series and no matter how hard I want to train, I can’t duplicate the effort racing takes. There were over 20 racers and I finished top 10 – I think. When I finished, one of the experts yelled nice job keeping the young guys honest…. umm fuck you! ; )

Aug. 25, 2019


On top Caraway Mountain. This was the first time I had ridden over Caraway Mountain, so the group decided I should also do the climb to the summit, up two pitches, one 18% and one 20%. Then at the top, Dave (in back explaining the next climb) says we need to climb to the fire tower too.