Aug. 12, 2018


If you start early, you get the Blue Ridge Parkway to yourself. In teh first hour I was passed by 1 car!


After eating too much yesterday, I got an hour + ride, run with 7:53 mile and an hour hike to Rough Ridge of the parkway. A good fitness day!


Sam go do something epic for my photo ; )


July 31, 2018


A good day for workouts. Lunch time weights and run brick. I have not run in a couple of years, so I only did 1 mile, but ran a 8:45 min/mile????

“She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah”

That song came on twice during my lunch workout, first time was in the weight room and then again on my run.


In the afternoon, I knew it would be a wet ride, but the whole loop was in the orange part…

A little more on the song: (copied from Youtube)

Meaning: This song is about the dark side of love. Especially when you’ve been in a close relationship you think will never end, then somehow you lose it and you have no idea how it happened. Love begins hopeful, then problems occur, then bickering begins, who’s right, whose wrong. You draw apart until it completely breaks. First Verse: King Saul of Israel was under distress, He had David as a young man come in and play music and that was the only thing that soothed King Saul. Meaning: But you don’t really care for music do ya, in relationships it’s not always easy to sooth the one you love with words or deeds. Sometimes the other person doesn’t want consolation. Second Verse: There are two biblical references in this verse. David is now King and he sees Bathsheba bathing from his roof top at night and just had to have her, though she was married. This means lust. It lead to nothing but problems the rest of David’s lifetime because of his acting on it. The second is Samson and Delilah. Samson knew Delilah was using emotional warfare on Samson to learn from where he attained his power and strength. She would tell him he hated her because he wouldn’t share this information. Samson broke down and told her it was his long hair that had never been cut that gave him his power because. He told her because loved her so much and he couldn’t take the crying anymore, she wore him down. She had men come in and cut his hair, he lost his power, and it led to a tragic end for him. Meaning: Love has a beautiful side to it, but also a dark side. It can bring joy, but mostly pain. Especially when your loved one turns on you. Third Verse: Now this is getting into personal relationships. We have experience with relationships with others, we also know what it means to be alone. But sometimes when in a close relationship, when how you feel is the most important thing and you don’t take note of how another person feels; you must always be right and justified, love turns to pain and loneliness. Fourth Verse: Lack of communication kills relationships. When communication breaks down you push each other away. It didn’t start off like that, it started off with both in so much love. What went wrong? Fifth Verse: Love is painful. When you experience pain after pain, you can become damaged, you kill relationships when you see them going sour instead of trying to fix them before the other person beats you to it. Pride prevents you to let that happen. Instead of seeing the problems in relationships and tackling them head on, we often let them break. Then love becomes a cold and broken hallelujah.

July 16, 2018


Progress and sadness. I have several routes to ride from my house that are quiet (6 cars can pass me in 1.5 hours) but the US 64 Bypass is killing me. Today I realized I am about to lose this road when this bridge over the bypass opens…. I would prefer to mountain bike!

July 6, 2018


My day started like almost everyday of the trip, an hour climb up the forest service road outside our campsite and a 12 minute bomb back down. The best part was at the turn around, there was cell service, so I could check email and make a call each morning.


Fog and nightfall. If you camp with James and Elizabeth, you will eat well and still enjoy a luxury or two…. tonight was movie night, “Paul” was played on the wall of the E-Z up… but the hard drive wasn’t playing nice, so parts were played twice (or more) sometimes it was in French, sometimes a narrator described what was happening (or DV – Descriptive Video)

The middle of the day we searched for and found a swimming hole on a road that wasn’t on a map…. but we cut it short when I discovered a steering rack leak and no fluid in my pump…. how to quickly get to a town without lots of curves in the mountains…. impossible!