July 11, 2020


A good day.

A singles tennis match in the morning, it was really hot, and I won the first set 6-4, then something weird happened and I lost the second 6-0. Third set tie breaker, I almost never lose in tie breakers, like sprints on bikes, it’s kind of my thing, but today my opponent went up 9-2, 8 match points. With Pat Benatar’s “It’s A Little Too Little Too Late” playing in my head, I really wanted to make it respectable. I won a point, then two, again, all he has to do is win ONE point and he wins the match…. at one point he hit a drop shot, I got to it but could only softly pop it over and he hit a cross shot and all I could do was dive for it, but got enough racket on it for a passing shot. That broke his spirit and I came back to win 11-9 and take the match.The day ended with a bike ride.

July 8, 2020


Race day. It rained right as I started my warmup and as I was cruising along I went down hard, the bike just slide from under me on the wet packed red clay. I crashed again on the warmup just trying to get out of the woods. I was not excited to start the race after that… but I did and settled into 4th as we entered, exited and re-entered the woods, as we did there was a sweeping turn into a bridge and I just didn’t trust my tires grip and rode off the course, falling to the back of the pack. I rode hard and got back to 5th without any more crashes as the course dried as racers rode. Don’t worry, Kali is OK.


the iPhone amazes me sometimes!

July 7, 2020


Mountain bikes and gravel roads. Trying to get in a 100 miles a week.


This is the third turtle I moved (saved?) from the road on today’s ride. The first one looked like this one, the second was a flat one that took off “running” up the middle of the road, barely caught it, and this was close to edge, but I still placed it off the road.