March 24, 2023

I stopped and took this picture right after a Porsche passed me going the other way, I had heard it coming for a bit, the revs out of corners and engine braking into them, I wasn’t sure, but I still think I was having more fun than he was. Riding back up 221 towards Blowing Rock. I normally go the other direction to Linville, then back to BR on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I enjoyed the road this direction too.

Feb. 16, 2023

A day outdoors. I started with a hike with Kodak, then we loaded kayaks, bikes and a picnic lunch and headed for Uwharrie.

We started on the forest service roads, me getting turned around and even dropping Rojo into a hole and getting up on three wheels, but we finally got on the water and paddled to a lunch spot. The wind kept us from getting to the far end today, but still nice to be on the water.

Then I took the chance to ride while Deb took a nap, I noticed a field of Daffodils way, and I mean WAY off the trail. I bush whacked to them.

Despite the tea pot in the first picture, I think this was a still site and not a homestead, I did find odd things, like an old, very old, shoe, and metal pieces, but no foundation or well remnants.

I was so far off the trail, it took a moment to find it again, but the flowers were worth it.

Jan. 3, 2023

Try to find JOY. I rode the Bicentennial Greenway today for the first time in forever. On the way back while riding up “heartbreak hill” I heard talking behind me and looked back as a group of roadies were closing in on me…. I picked up my pace, so one of them attacked and got ahead of me… remember they are on the road, on 10 pound lighter bikes, smooth tires and all looked 30 pounds lighter, but I (riding a mountain bike, on the sidewalk -greenway uses the sidewalk – with knobby tires) decided to go with him…. I got to him but couldn’t go over him…. when we reached the top of the hill, he stopped (waiting for his group) and I rode away… that was a fun attack!

Dec. 26, 2022

Music to my ears… all trails are open due to frozen conditions. I wasn’t expecting the middle of the singletrack to be 2 inches deep ice, and some of the high speed turns were sheets of ice, so an interesting ride this morning.

I love these ice crystals that form up from loose soil… the first time I noticed them was at Rumbling Bald a few years ago, and now I look for them.

I swear this look so much cooler on the phone.