March 28, 2020


I wanted to go for a ride and every bike I own needed something done:

Mountain Bike – flat tire and bottom bracket issues

Road Bike – broken rear spoke

Tri Bike – rear tire replaced and pedals back on

Cross Bike – Didn’t even bother, rear brake caliper replaced and all cables replaced (not pictured)


An early and very cold start to the day, met Emily and Ken for a ride (photo by Emily)


The ended with a great sunrise (Photo by Emily)


The day was spent choring including running to Lowes for supplies, so I took Steph’s dog – he is twice the size of Kodak


We met Nancy and Sam Berl for dinner


Nancy is always happiest when holding a baby.

Feb. 20, 2020


A snowy evening bike ride


I was nice to be alone in the woods on my bike. The highlight was seeing what I thought was a porcupine, but research says they are not in North Carolina, so I don’t know what it was….


I knew I would finish in the dark but I was having a blast, at least till the last 1/2 hour, I was soaked and cold, as always, great to see my truck and warm cloths.