Blowing Rock

March 24, 2023

I stopped and took this picture right after a Porsche passed me going the other way, I had heard it coming for a bit, the revs out of corners and engine braking into them, I wasn’t sure, but I still think I was having more fun than he was. Riding back up 221 towards Blowing Rock. I normally go the other direction to Linville, then back to BR on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I enjoyed the road this direction too.

March 23, 2023

A quick getaway, Stopped at my brother’s Blowing Rock home and racked and cleaned gutters, went for a ride on the BRP, then headed to teh woods…. our favorite spot was taken, so this was the second choice. I like how without leaves you can see the mountains.

These are my cheap Walmart traction mats. I took my Maxtrax off the roof when I installed my solar panel and haven’t found a home for them yet, but right after, I helped a girl who drove over a curb and her wheel dropped into a hole and was sitting on her car’s frame. If I still had the MaxTrax, I would have had her free in minutes, instead I had to rummage through the woods for rocks and discarded wood chunks. I know it’s popular to make fun of trucks with all the “overland” gear strapped on, But if you know how to use it and willing to help people, it is useful and I was pissed I didn’t have mine that day. Anyway, I needed to raise the left front more than the height of this wood, so I ramped up for a level sleeping bed.

April 25, 2022

Pongo turned 200,000 miles today

I did pull over this time.

Almost stock and JD driving.

JD didn’t leave Pongo stock long and make a couple trips west. Notice ARB front bumper and stock rear bumper.

Then front bumper was replaced with a CBI bumper

Then one day, JD and I were having lunch and he mentioned he was selling Pongo, we ate without talking about it much (we both always talk about what is the perfect vehicle for our hobbies) but as we left, I asked if he was serious and what was he thinking of for a price…. he was and I had a deal within an hour after checking with my CFO.

and I got to finally make my trip west last summer.

Oct. 7, 2019


A foggy start to my ride.


The BRP Linn Cove viaduct was even worse. It was an awesome morning on the bike!


Then it was time to explore… a Forest Service Road I heard about….


pictures never do it justice and I quit taking photos as my stress raised and the obstacles became tougher… this was no joke; several washouts, ravens and wheel lifting later we were halfway through. Each time I walked a route, I was looking not to make sure I could get through it, could I get back up it if the road was blocked a or a closed gate.


An awesome camping spot for a lunch break. My truck is the minimum I would have wanted to take, 33 inch tires, 2.5 inch lift, armored with bumpers, sliders and skid plates… anything less would have resulted in damage!


A good day!


Oct. 6, 2019


A weekend that changes. Instead of elk, we ended up in Boone again, since I hadn’t planned anything, we searched for a waterfall I had not been to, this is Laurel Creek Falls (I think) but we rock hopped up the creek for a long ways looking for more. Either way this is an awesome swimming hole.


A corn dog and loaded fries with a gose beer at The Cardinal in Boone! Yum!!!


No sunset tonight, only fog!