Blowing Rock

Oct. 7, 2017


An early start on the Blue Ridge Parkway


early there was no traffic, but some fog.100717podC

I turned around at the Linn Cove Viaduct since it was covered in fog and took the long way home through Blowing Rock

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Then Hike #39 of #52hikechallenge – Crab Orchard Falls

(Photo by Jay Capers)

It’s a very long series of cascades.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

A lovely walk in the woods!

Oct. 6, 2017

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Heading to the mountains!

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Since I was traveling solo this weekend, I stopped for dinner and waited for the sunset.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Raven Rocks overlook never disappoints.

(Photo by Jay Capers)


(Photo by Jay Capers)

The crowd.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

A picture for Taco Tuesday on Instagram

(Photo by Jay Capers)

A HDR photo.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

A slightly different composition.

Aug. 13, 2017


How to start a perfect day? I found this book my grandmother gave my great-grandmother in the mountain cabin published in 1985. Written by Earl Thollander it describes back road routes across North and South Carolina… so we decided to follow his route out of Blowing Rock.


I had driven a part of it a year or so, but didn’t get down to Globe, NC – Sunday morning at the Globe Baptist Church.


on his map there were several waterfalls marked, this photo doesn’t do this one justice, it’s not the waterfall but the swimming hole – I will be back!


Across the road was a pretty waterfall with several sections.


Even the bottom was nice.


Then it was time to work are way back toward an afternoon hike, running Forest Service roads and 221…


We skipped lunch on the road since it started raining hard, but cleared in time to hike the Boone Fork Trail Loop. Hike #29 #52hikechallenge


Hebron Falls on the BFT


and just a pretty spot on the trail. We said goodbye to my brother and sister in law as a heavy rain started and we drove home, stopping in High Point for a Mexican dinner. Just about a perfect day (If only I had the motivation to get out of bed and ride before we left in the morning)

June 25, 2017


I started early for a spin from the house to the top of the Linn Cove Viaduct


A cloudy and chilly start but I had the roads to myself!


My brother said he had enough working for the weekend and wanted to do touristy things, so we did a hike and lunch at Mellow Mushroom. This is Hike #21 of #52hikechallenge (been a month since my last hike) But a nice short hike in downtown Blowing Rock to Glen Burney Falls.

May 14, 2017


Mother’s Day – Breakfast in bed. (Uncle Wayne, do you recognize the pan?)


Deb went back to bed to celebrate her day and I went for bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is me trying to rescue a snake.


Then some work around the “mountain place” including yard work and finding thsi salamander.


Then it was time to hike. #19 #52hikechallenge – Gragg Prong Falls. Sam and I started last year to hike to these falls, but it was getting woods dark and we didn’t have a place to camp yet so we turned around, really glad we went back, awesome place and great swimming hole when it warms up.


The whole hike is beautiful!


There are a couple of creek crossings, in the end we gave up trying to keep the boots dry!

May 13, 2017


It’s been a long semester for Sam and me, so we needed a weekend away!

First stop – Moravian Falls near North Wilkesboro. A road side stop, but always pretty.


Then to Hike #18 #52hikechallenge – The Glen Burney Trail in Boone and the Glen Burney Falls.


A detail of falls.




The whole hike is pretty, including the Cascades.


and The Ruins, Boone’s former Waste Treatment plant (last used in 1929!


and a night at the “mountain place” – Deb and I still slept in the Tacoma! It is so relaxing here, you can see Grandfather Mountain, the trees in the wind sounds more like the ocean and in the morning the whistle blowing of Tweetsie Railroad.

Nov. 19, 2016


A busy 24 hours. After yesterday’s ride I drove to Blowing Rock and camped in the front yard of grandmother’s mountain retreat. My brother Bill (and I – after paying for girl’s college) bought it from family and spent the day on upkeep. Raked year’s worth of leaves, washed the sides free of algae, re-hung gutters and cleaned the inside.

Aug. 16, 2015 – Wilson Creek

081615pod_Wilson_F 081615pod_Wilson_D 081615pod_Wilson_C 081615pod_Wilson_B 081615pod_Wilson_AA great day, after visiting the vacation home, we went on a bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we rode a favorite out and back from camp… 55 minutes of climbing and less than 20 minutes of down you are back at camp. I didn’t look up my max speed, but I saw 41.5 go by on the GPS.

Then we hiked along Wilson Creek, I loved this fallen tree and waterfall!

Bonus picture from Clay, me at work. You can see my wet bottom, I gave up trying to rock hop down to this point, so I sat on the rocks and slid down them, wetter but safer!