Blue Ridge Parkway

Sept. 11, 2021

I finally made the time to get to Frying Pan fire tower.

An amazing view

I had planned to stay till dark and photograph the Milky Way behind the tower, but it doesn’t line up well.

When I got back to the trail head, another Tacoma had parked next to me – they are so cute stock ; )

I do like stickers

Bees sleeping

So I found a spot on the blue Ridge Parkway and waited, when it finally was dark enough, clouds rolled in and covered the Milky Way – just visible in middle of the sky.

Oct. 27, 2019


I finally made a start (and finish) in the 2019 North Carolina Cyclocross season.


After a lot of overnight rain, the course in Boone was muddy again!


I had fun, didn’t race well, fell a couple of times, but it was great to be back on the start line this weekend!


After the race, I explored for fall colors


The light wasn’t great, so I went for a hike


Goshen Creek is a pretty little waterway


not much color on the trees


but fun to rock hop


a just enjoy the silence


then I tried another HDR of the sunset



Oct. 7, 2019


A foggy start to my ride.


The BRP Linn Cove viaduct was even worse. It was an awesome morning on the bike!


Then it was time to explore… a Forest Service Road I heard about….


pictures never do it justice and I quit taking photos as my stress raised and the obstacles became tougher… this was no joke; several washouts, ravens and wheel lifting later we were halfway through. Each time I walked a route, I was looking not to make sure I could get through it, could I get back up it if the road was blocked a or a closed gate.


An awesome camping spot for a lunch break. My truck is the minimum I would have wanted to take, 33 inch tires, 2.5 inch lift, armored with bumpers, sliders and skid plates… anything less would have resulted in damage!


A good day!


Oct. 6, 2019


A weekend that changes. Instead of elk, we ended up in Boone again, since I hadn’t planned anything, we searched for a waterfall I had not been to, this is Laurel Creek Falls (I think) but we rock hopped up the creek for a long ways looking for more. Either way this is an awesome swimming hole.


A corn dog and loaded fries with a gose beer at The Cardinal in Boone! Yum!!!


No sunset tonight, only fog!

June 4, 2019


Back on the road, Kodak must see everything.


the threat of rain made a change of plans, so I jumped on the bike as soon as we got to Blowing Rock


All the climbing is worth it with these views, and the screaming descent. (although today the descent had a headwind and I was only able to hit 43mph)


after dinner at the Coyote Kitchen, we headed to our favorite hill top for the sunset. I had figured out how to download Netflix on the iPad for a trip that didn’t happen, so now I can binge watch shows like Sabrina.


Kodak kept an eye on the wildlife


until they got too close.




good cow!