July 28, 2019


This is how I sleep, Deb is short and has space between her feet and the end of the bed, the dog instead chooses to sleep at my feet, so I have no space!


Morning run.


Saying goodbye!

Some numbers:

Nights Camping – 6
Miles Driven – 700+
Hikes – 7
Movies Watched in camp – 1.5
Quentin Tarantino premiere’s watch in a theater – 1
Homemade Lemon Pies by Elizabeth – 2
Bears seen – 2
Runs on trails – 3
Trucks stuck and recovered – 1
Hiking boots thrown in anger at and hitting Jay’s face – 1



July 25, 2019


Today started with a hike to Devils Bathtub. This hike requires at least 11 creek crossings and had been on my to do list for years.


Most pictures of Devils Bathtub show this turquoise pool, but it is a great swimming hole just 100 yards from the actual “bathtub”


The “bathtub” is a 3 foot wide by 9+ feet deep pool at the base of a small waterfall.


I tried to touch the bottom… it’s deep!


The next stop, Stony Creek Waterfall


This one is awesome, you can swim behind the falls!

My cooking success tonight – I melted Hersey Miniatures in a double boiler and poured over cheesecake and strawberries!

July 23, 2019


Good morning from Jefferson National Forest, a rainy and foggy morning!


The whole site! 2 Tacomas, a tear drop, Flippac and Sam’s tent.


A cool log on the way to Cascades Falls.




Cascades Falls


the 4 wheel drive trail to Butt Mountain


The fire tower was on top Butt Mountain, but you couldn’t climb to the cab.


On the way down, we took a different trail and James slid into a hole,

on Butt Mountain : )

luckily Maxtrax worked again… no damage! (other than a mud flap)


Keto Taco Tuesday. Chicken on bell peppers, cheese and sour cream.


July 14, 2019


Spanish moss and mountain bikes, I camped and raced at Poinsett State Park in the Spring but it was fun just riding the trails, completing the South Carolina trifecta, Harbison State Forest, FATS and Poinsett State Park a great weekend of riding.


While waiting to see where I was riding, I decided to figure out why I was flatting so much… looks like a hard hit to the rim at some point, I did bend it back.


After riding I decided to explore the dirt roads in the Manchester State Forest for a while.

July 3, 2019


A down day at camp… meaning I didn’t do anything but swim, nap, a short 5k run and plan our next trip


My attempt at Rustica pizza from Brixx. Artichokes, olives, prosciutto, and other things made at camp! Campmade?

June 26, 2019


A solo trip to DuPont to mountain bike, hike and swim. Day 1 of biking was awesome, I have a time lapse to add, but 3 hours of joy!


After 6pm, I started looking for a place to primitive camp in Pisgah National Forest, after driving for way too long, I found this spot and made dinner, then right before I started to make camp, I noticed the sign… 15 feet up a tree…. WTF. As I started to turn around I realized I forgot where a couple of tree stumps were but noticed a two tire track heading back towards the forest service road, I will just do that.


I didn’t get out to look down the hill, I just drove into it…. see that big rock? It used to be in the middle of the trail. As my nose started down, I hit it with my bumper and became stuck at a very steep angle (in fact so steep, I was worried about oil pick up/pressure) but also was afraid to turn off the truck in case it would not restart. I switch to 4 wheel drive low and turned on my locker and managed to back up a bit, but crabbed and high centered my slider


Now I am really stuck, alone off a minor FS road – I didn’t take any more pictures because I was trying to self rescue… in the end Maxtrax saved the day and I was get off the slider, drive back down the hill (could not go backwards) and just push the big ass rock out of my way with my front bumper! It took 20-30 minutes of work!

So now I still needed a place to camp, I drove further into the woods, passed the trail head for my planned morning hike and finally found another camp spot, I go to flip the camper and POP


at first I thought the torsion bar snapped, but the hinge was what broke! That was the final straw, I am heading home…. great day, but this night has been a shit show!

June 22, 2019


I was up early but couldn’t run since the trail into the camp spot was under water from last night’s storm, good thing there is a waterfall to photograph. This is teh top of Wolf Creek Falls.


Just trying different angles


Sadly I chose to only bring my mirrorless Panasonic and couldn’t get the wide angle I wanted


That did force me to climb to a place I have never photographed the falls from.


Sam is ready to go…..


But even to leave, we had to use a chain saw.


Whenever we are here, we hike up Max Patch


Sam took off and hiked up alone, when I found her, this is what she was doing, I love she is happy in the moment and not because she hiked to the top.


Rain or sun?


Back to driving dirt roads.


a railroad bridge over the French Broad River in the Cherokee National Forest




of course we all crossed the bridge like in “Stand By Me.”


Camp site #2, on the banks of the French Broad.


Mini-moonshine, beer and shots of whiskey around a fire = a great night!