Cape Lookout

May 28, 2017


The end of the road (beach) on the South Banks.




or just the Tacomas


the tide was perfect for shell hunting

052817pod_0013 052817pod_0014



Then over to the lighthouse


We cooked dinner and watched the sunset


Shrimp boats

052817pod_0017 052817pod_0018

Then we headed back to find a place to camp for our 6:30am ferry.


Well crap, thunderstorm warning, lightning, and wind. We slept (or tried) in the truck cab till about 12:30am and gave up and set-up the Flippacs.

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May 27, 2017


After the hike we camped for the night, waiting for our morning ferry to Cape Lookout – the South Core Banks. Kodak seemed happy to back at the beach.


We drove around looking for a secluded area to camp and found this fresh turtle track, she must have laid her eggs hours before.


This site is perfect, can’t see a camper down either side!


Clay fishes for bait.




Kay wanted her picture with her fish – then it jumped (or whatever fish do)


Light painting – two Tacomas with Flippacs.


Sept. 5, 2015

090515pod_119 090515pod_118After a late night arrival at the ferry, we slept in the parking lot and slept (somewhat) through wind and rain to get up to a beautiful sunrise.

090515pod_136After a ferry ride across the sound, my first goal was to climb the Cape Lookout Lighthouse that we were locked out of last time.

090515pod_141 090515pod_140 090515pod_139 090515pod_138 090515pod_13714 stories up and down and we were ready for the next goal. Driving to the southern point.

090515pod_120 090515pod_121This went well until we reached the soft sand at the end, I dug down and then the engine temp and transmission temp were about to peg out (over heating) so I let the truck run while I let out air from the tires and dug out.

From here we headed north looking for the perfect camp spot (read no other people, waves and soft sand)

090515pod_122bA shipwreck.

For some reason I didn’t take any more pictures today, setting up camp, twice since Sam’s tent was not happy in the wind. Cooking dinner and sharing food with friends until everyone was ready to go to bed early.