Feb. 5, 2019


Like he owns it or something!


June 3, 2018


RIP Spitz – Bladder obstruction, with hyperkalemia, infection and acute kidney failure.

Thank you to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro, they even have a “comfort room” so you can hold your pet as they are peacefully administered the final medicine. As tough as it is, we will never let a pet be taken to a back room for that moment, we have changed vets before when they wouldn’t allow us to be there…. I am thankful there are veterinarians who understand this!

Jan. 17, 2018

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Snow day at the cabin.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

The dog loved it!

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Moe the cat, not-so-much

(Photo by Jay Capers)

time to play

(Photo by Jay Capers)

the float tubes worked well when the dog didn’t bite a hole in it…. ps one tube down!

(Photo by Jay Capers)

for the first time in year I got to XC ski, the snow/ski combo didn’t work well, after I got my track, I wasn’t get as much glide as I wanted, so I gave up and mountain biked a while.