Jan. 13, 2023

A day of fitness. Started with a 2 mile hike with Kodak, then cleaned Pongo before 1.5 hours of tennis at lunch.

Finished the day by hiking almost 5 miles including the Cox Mountain Trail at Eno River State Park for this week’s Backroad Capers video and hike #4 of the 52 hike challenge (coming tomorrow)

Oct. 13, 2022

Fall Macro

A day of changes. I originally wanted to go mountain biking at DuPont today and tomorrow, but this week’s crash left me too sore, then Rojo isn’t fixed correctly still, so I needed to visited the repair shop, I thought I would head to Boone for an overnight fall foliage safari, but Sam asked for help moving, then cancelled, so I settled for a hike with Kodak

Aug. 17, 2022

If I open the back door to Pongo, Kodak will jump in a stay. She will not miss an adventure.

Story at animal shelter that is full, my favorite clip, but it was left on the editing floor. This dog crawled on his back all the way to the stuffed toy. I also realized, I could never work in a shelter, way too depressing, people who give up pets just suck.