Feb. 17, 2019


My dog is so smart, she figured out how to stand a bone straight up to make it easier to lick the peanut butter out of.


July 4, 2018


Kodak seems nervous about this stream crossing?


After a slow morning, doing camp chores and cleaning up from last night’s 1am hike off Max Patch. Today was all about running Hurricane Creek.


Our two Tacomas. I don’t have a picture or dash cam video, but James said he thought I might flip my Taco today… there was a ledge that was off camber and as I started my second attempt up, my back right wheel fell into a hole, causing my drivers front to lift way up…. I knew enough as I felt it to stay on the gas, and the truck came back down fairly hard… James said he and Elizabeth just looked at each other in their truck and said “wow” – I then spotted James through with a better line, but he still lifted a driver’s front tire a couple of feet!

June 14, 2018


An early morning bike ride, a new route to stretch the distance.


But still across the Linn Cove Viaduct and it’s freshly paved surface.


Then time to hike…. my original planned trail is closed, so we started up Rough Ridge Trail


it’s very rocky….


then over the top to the Wilson Creek Trail to make a loop.


A great day along the Blue Ridge Parkway!