Jan. 18, 2020


Sandy single track Cheraw, SC


Family celebration, two 30 and a ten year anniversaries coming in the next month or so.

Nov. 30, 2019


The National Aquarium in Baltimore


Deb said take a picture of this fish, so here it is


I like the 3 flipper sea turtle


the dark and quiet in the jellyfish room.

Afterwards we had lunch at Phillips Seafood and started the long drive home, I was too tired to navigate another route, so I just fought the stop and go traffic on 95 all the way down through Richmond. I really hate I-95!

July 28, 2019


This is how I sleep, Deb is short and has space between her feet and the end of the bed, the dog instead chooses to sleep at my feet, so I have no space!


Morning run.


Saying goodbye!

Some numbers:

Nights Camping – 6
Miles Driven – 700+
Hikes – 7
Movies Watched in camp – 1.5
Quentin Tarantino premiere’s watch in a theater – 1
Homemade Lemon Pies by Elizabeth – 2
Bears seen – 2
Runs on trails – 3
Trucks stuck and recovered – 1
Hiking boots thrown in anger at and hitting Jay’s face – 1


July 13, 2019


So happy to wake up in my Flippac again after it broke a couple of weeks ago!


Ride #2 FATS (Fayetteville Area Triathlon Society) visit FATS (Forks Area Trail System) ride was cut short after I double flatted, used 3 CO2 cartridges, 2 tubes, 2 patches and a CX tube to get out. Great trails and I had a blast on Great Wall and Skinny Loops


An afternoon and evening at Bill and Shanda’s, low country boil, swimming in the rain and an evening boat ride for Purple Martins (if we had enough gas in the boat)