May 27, 2017


After the hike we camped for the night, waiting for our morning ferry to Cape Lookout – the South Core Banks. Kodak seemed happy to back at the beach.


We drove around looking for a secluded area to camp and found this fresh turtle track, she must have laid her eggs hours before.


This site is perfect, can’t see a camper down either side!


Clay fishes for bait.




Kay wanted her picture with her fish – then it jumped (or whatever fish do)


Light painting – two Tacomas with Flippacs.


March 18, 2017


Hike #11 #52hikechallenge Morrow Mountain State Park. Cool fact, Morrow Mountain is an extinct volcano, (last eruption was about 550 million years ago and was hundreds of miles southeast of the east coast of North America)


Clay’s daughter Stephanie, her husband Tim and their 2 boys joined in, fun day in the woods.

Feb. 26, 2017


It was a great day to take our kayaks for a walk….


Sadly the water in Bear Creek was deep in spots, so we had to paddle…


and duck under fallen trees.

022617podc 022617podd

and played in the water coming over the dam.

My partner in crime, Clay sent me these pictures.


Hold my beer and watch this moment… I tried to slide off the dock, didn’t work! I did save it with only a wet arm and leg.


Me more upright


Sam is in a good mood


Luckily we finally got back to hiking!



Feb. 11, 2017


Hike #7 of #52hikechallenge

Back to Eno River State Park to hit the trails I missed last week. What a difference 7 days and 20 degrees make, the park was packed. At least until we got to the trails furthest from the parking lot and then we had  place to ourselves.


We came across this 1800s cabin and a woman walking around it. She shared that her grandparents (Coles) lived in the home and she visits before it completely collapses.


It’s getting closer….


The construction was very cool, originally it looks like it was a log cabin (look at those joints – are they simple dovetails?) that was sided later. There is no trace the cabin ever had electricity.


Not far up the trail is another cabin. We asked a park ranger and he said it was for a spinster sister.



bigger gaps in the logs.


Chivalry is not dead….

Total 7 miles: Buckquarter Creek, Ridge, Shakori and Holden Mill, Eno Trace Trails.

Jan. 28, 2017

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

Hike #5 of #52hikechallenge

We decided the nice weather and a free day meant we wanted a fun hike, so Clay, Kay and I headed towards the Great Channels near Abingdon, VA.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

There was ice and snow on the way up….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

but the top bathed in sun, and worth the trip even if you can’t climb the old fire tower.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

But we came for the channels….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

It was worth it, 30 plus foot openings, lots of slices to play in….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

To say Hwy 80 is curvy…

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

on the way back we saw this waterfall on a creek that feeds into the North Fork of the Holston River.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

Clay will do whatever it takes to get the picture!

Jan. 1, 2017


2017 started with a hike through the trails at Carolina Beach State Park. One of my resolutions this year is the #52hikechallenge – to average one hike a week during the year.

Hike #1 of the year, a big loop hitting almost every trail in the park, 2 hours and 40 minutes and ~6 miles. We had two goals:


Sugarloaf Trail, leading to Sugarloaf sand dune, a 55 foot tall dune used on navigation charts since 1663 for river pilots on the Cape Fear River.


Someone left a rope swing.


and Flytrap Trail, searching for wild Venus Flytraps – thanks to the eagle eyed Clarks for finding a pair of them –


just a cactus, but cool to see it with fruit in the “wild”


On the way back to the start, we saw a bunch of buzzards in the woods – there must be something there – so we investigated….


a fresh coyote




feet and ears



We debated why so many remains in one spot. Choice 1 – Park employees dump road kill here. Choice 2 – Park employees kill problem animals and dump here (but if the fox was suspected of rabies, seems unlikely) Choice 3 – We have entered a VERY BAD place.


Before heading home, we headed back to the beach and just watched the ocean. Welcome 2017!