Jan. 13, 2023

A day of fitness. Started with a 2 mile hike with Kodak, then cleaned Pongo before 1.5 hours of tennis at lunch.

Finished the day by hiking almost 5 miles including the Cox Mountain Trail at Eno River State Park for this week’s Backroad Capers video and hike #4 of the 52 hike challenge (coming tomorrow)

Jan. 1, 2023

I didn’t get to hike in the Fall/Winter of 2021 due to a hip injury and 2022 just wasn’t my year. So in 2023 I am going to get back in the field… I decided I am going to do the 52 Hike Challenge again. New Year’s Day is the perfect day to start.

I was at Hanging Rock State Park for work, this is the Nat Sound Story I did. (Pro note – Polar Plunges are over VERY fast)

Dec. 31, 2022

I am glad 2022 is over, it’s been a year of change and loss. I miss loved ones I lost everyday. Please let 2023 be a better year.

Last year for Christmas a friend and I decided to get Apple Watches as a training tool. This is the first time I have looked at my yearly totals.  

Cycling – 1,385 miles, mostly off-road. This was the first year in maybe 20 I didn’t race once, so I feel this total is low to normal years.

Running – 48 miles. Not much but I only started running again 6 weeks ago, so I can live with those numbers.

Walking – 106 miles. These are mostly short walks with Kodak or on my lunch break.

Hiking – 106 miles. I did the math twice, to count as a hike, it had to be in the woods and on a trail.  It’s funny the mileage was teh exact same.

Tennis – 75 hours. 

The rest – Too lazy to do the math, but climbing, weights, yoga, indoor cycling, and the other odd things I did. 

Dec. 17, 2022

I am on a long streak of closing all three rings on my Apple Watch. 800 calories, 60 mins of workout and 12 stands, so I needed to make a stop on the 12 hour drive home. Wildwood Park just north of Harrisburg, PA looked perfect, just off I-81 and even said it had bike trails. This is the Susquehanna Spillway in Wildwood Lake, it leads into a tunnel that is 1/3 mile long and 14 feet wide and 11 feet tall.

The hike around the lake was perfect, and I even got to finish my workout with a trail run

I didn’t find bike trails, I think they meant the canal path.