Sept. 27, 2020

It took awhile in the dark last night, but I found this spot in the national forest to camp.

The first elk sighting of the day, there were several cars stopped on the road, so I left the truck running and walked up to get a better angle when I hear… “dog” I turn to see Kodak chasing full speed across the field toward this elk (She jumped from an open window) she either:

A. heard me and listened when I said stop


B. thought better of the outcome

But didn’t get all the way to the scene of the goring.

A nice walk, more elk, a good early morning.

After making breakfast, I decided to run Hurricane Creek, I was a little nervous running it solo, but ran into a small group of Toyotas and tagged along.

My first off-roading trip in Pongo and she is amazing, walked up everything and the trail is way more eroded than my last visit.

Anytime I am this close, I will always do the Max Patch loop hike!

Kodak looks around an old house

The walls were covered in newspaper and in some places wall paper.

Drive more random dirt roads before the long ride home.

July 30, 2020


Lynn and I debated what to hike today, long hike or drive to waterfalls, or shorter hikes… I finally decided. To the top of Table Rock, the guide said it was strenuous and plan for 5 hours as it gains 2000 feet from the start.


After last night’s thunderstorms all the creeks were flowing nicely.


As we climbed, it started getting foggy.


But when we reached Governor’s Rock it had cleared up. I heard voices below us while we rested and Lynn was reminded I have a competitive side, we had gotten an early start and I wanted to be the first to summit today.


Back on the trail and back into the fog.


The overlook on Table Rock


I love fog, but not after hiking for 2.5 hours for an overlook. After a quick lunch, we started back down (it’s an out and back)


I bushwhacked down to the creek to see this water feature.


Pumpkintown is on teh far left, I still haven’t seen Table Rock (it’s behind the clouds)  ; )


July 29, 2020


Table Rock State Park in South Carolina. Once I arrived, Lynn and I decided to do the short Carrick Creek Trail which starts with Carrick Creek Falls.


You can even crawl behind the falls.


About a mile into the hike it started pouring, neither Lynn or I brought protection for the iPhones so we went back to parking lot, got plastic bags and since we were already soaked, we started again.


it is a very pretty hike, even in a rain storm.


It stopped raining long enough to take a couple of pictures.

June 29, 2020


Cascades Falls.


the waterfall is awesome, I think I enjoy the hike to it just as much!


It follows the creek the whole way




Chasing dirt roads, we found Shawvers Run Wilderness and Virginia’s Hanging Rock




The day before we were racing back to camp as darkness settled over the farm land of back roads but we saw camels on a farm and then buffaloes. We never found the camel farm, but the buffalo were out.




That night, we hiked up to Wind Rock for the sunset



June 21, 2020


Happy Father’s Day. I started early with a bike ride, fixed a lawn mower, then James, Elizabeth and I headed to Morrow Mountain State Park for a hike and picnic before kayaking.


The summit road was closed, so we hiked from the bottom.


Along the way we met a couple walking their cat on a leash.


I can’t take James and Elizabeth somewhere that doesn’t have a waterfall…. Moccasin Creek Falls on Falls Reservoir


For those who know the paddle, the dam was releasing water and the spillway was sending water over the rock island… the water was faster than I have ever seen it. I really thought there was no way we were going to make it to the caves today, but Beth was determined. We tried the right side, Clay attacked the middle and finally Beth said we had to go up the left bank, portage over the rocks and then all we had to do was cross the river – sounds easy enough. I was sure I was going to be swimming again like the last time I tried to make it during a release, so no pictures, I put everything away.


After long effort over the rocks we made it!


Nobody was flipped and Beth got to paddle into the cave.

June 20, 2020


Time to hike! We decided not to kayak since water was up and fast from recent rains, so we went to the closest waterfalls – Hanging Rock State Park. #1 Tory’s Falls


#2 062020podLowerB

and a pretty drop below the pool of Lower Cascades Falls


#3 Window Falls


Window Falls from behind


Pretty unnamed falls above Window Falls


Hidden Falls


#4 Upper Cascades Falls from above


and below


Follow the creek down from Upper Cascades Falls to find this unnamed drop


After hiking we decided to explore, and found this building. Col. Jack Martin Stone House


Rider Falls – it’s on private property and this is the view from the road… it’s not in Kevin Adam’s book?


Maybe a Taco Tuesday picture as seen through an old farm building