March 18, 2017


Hike #11 #52hikechallenge Morrow Mountain State Park. Cool fact, Morrow Mountain is an extinct volcano, (last eruption was about 550 million years ago and was hundreds of miles southeast of the east coast of North America)


Clay’s daughter Stephanie, her husband Tim and their 2 boys joined in, fun day in the woods.

Feb. 11, 2017


Hike #7 of #52hikechallenge

Back to Eno River State Park to hit the trails I missed last week. What a difference 7 days and 20 degrees make, the park was packed. At least until we got to the trails furthest from the parking lot and then we had  place to ourselves.


We came across this 1800s cabin and a woman walking around it. She shared that her grandparents (Coles) lived in the home and she visits before it completely collapses.


It’s getting closer….


The construction was very cool, originally it looks like it was a log cabin (look at those joints – are they simple dovetails?) that was sided later. There is no trace the cabin ever had electricity.


Not far up the trail is another cabin. We asked a park ranger and he said it was for a spinster sister.



bigger gaps in the logs.


Chivalry is not dead….

Total 7 miles: Buckquarter Creek, Ridge, Shakori and Holden Mill, Eno Trace Trails.

Jan. 8, 2017


Hike #2 of the #52hikechallenge – Birkhead Mountain Trail in Uwharrie National Forest. We started at the Birkhead family farm, some buildings going back to the late 1800s.


Within a mile we had to cross a creek since the bridge was washed away. Not a problem except when hiking on a 15 degree morning, a wet foot would have been unpleasant!


Soon enough we were deep in the woods, only the crunch of the snow/ice under our feet.


How Kodak spent the second half of the hike. I had her off leash for the first half, but she wandered off and didn’t return, long enough I had to bush-whacked in her last known direction and back track till she returned… I was not happy!

About an hour and half in the silent woods, a rare North Carolina snow covering the hills, so a great day!

Dec. 31, 2016


The last day of 2016 started at the USS North Carolina, a WWII battleship in Wilmington.


Nicknamed “The Showboat” – the ship was only active for 6 years (4/9/41- 6/27/47).

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A Great Blue Heron during another walk along the Snows Cut shore.


Cars pass over the Snows Cut Bridge going into Carolina Beach


Two Flippacs set up, playing cards till midnight!

Oct. 15, 2016 (Henry River Mill Village)


Henry River Mill Village was the site of District 12 in the movie Hunger Games. The village was laid out in 1904 around a yarn mill, it closed in the 1960s, but 21 of the worker homes remain.


The property in private, but can be driven through…..


anything after that is at your own risk…. (plus they say it’s haunted)

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The Village is located at
35°41’45.6″N 81°25’44.4″W
35.696000, -81.429000


Oct. 12, 2014

George Washington birthplace memorial.

George Washington birthplace memorial.

Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers) Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers)We had a leisurely morning, packed camp and decided to visit the George Washington birthplace memorial. The monument is 1/10th the size of the one in Washington DC. The foundation of the original home (George moved when he was three) is outlined above and the site includes a memorial house built in the 1930s, a visitor center and period working farm examples. It was a nice to walk the empty grounds in the morning.