Land Cruiser

July 4, 2019


Early morning ride, like all my out and back rides, I tried to negative split the ride. Out avg was 17.5 mph and back was 19.8 – good start to the day.


This was the crew we camped with – or at least did pot luck lunch with.


Loaded up and heading home… the Land Cruiser did a great job, but I want my Tacoma/Flippac back!

June 27, 2019


Since the Tacoma/Flippac are down, I need to drive the Land Cruiser, but it needs brakes. The rotors are scored, so I order pads and rotors… but look at that rotor, it is not a remove caliper and slide on a new rotor like every other Toyota I have ever worked on, NO! It’s a remove hub assembly, use a soft blow hammer to get some stupid cone washers off… screw that throw in new pads and call it a day. Why have the last 18 hours sucked!

July 24, 2018


A complete failure! After 4 hours trying to get the alternator out of the Land Cruiser, I gave up and took it to the shop, they removed it and I replaced the brushes… but despite the alternator checking “Good” at Advance Auto, the Land Cruiser still isn’t charging right, so I still have to get a new alternator. The only positive, the mechanic that removed the alternator said it was a real pain, even asking the service writer, “I thought you liked me,” as he finished the job! Made me feel a little better.

Feb. 25, 2018

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Part of our time loss yesterday was after bolting on the first caliper, the Land Cruiser rims I have been using on the Tacoma rubbed, I knew the 4Runner rims I normally use on the Tacoma rubbed, so we had pick up a set of rims Clay gave me and drive back to his house. As part of this merry-go-round of wheels I was left with the wrong lugs nuts and a leaking heater hose on the Land Cruiser. So another day working from my tailgate, I really don’t know how people survive without tailgates!

July 6, 0217


A day at home, the Land Cruiser is back, so I had to rotate the tires. (Before on top, after below) I had been running the new 285s on the Taco, and a set of worn out tire on the LC while in the shop, now everything back… I will miss the stance of the 285s on the Taco. The rest of the day was spent watching the Tour, yard work and packing for the next trip.

Feb. 10, 2017


Not my week for tow truck drivers. I tell him, there is a yellow bucket in the front yard, leave it next to it (see the gravel parking spot?)


The yellow bucket was really covering a fence post driven 3 feet into the ground as a tie down for the old awning… so he unloads the Cruiser over the bucket (and steel post) ripping off my mud flap… WTF, you had one job!