Land Cruiser

July 10, 2017


I was playing with my mirrorless camera’s setting and I found this miniature setting, but when you shoot in RAW and go through ACR, you loose the effect.


July 6, 0217


A day at home, the Land Cruiser is back, so I had to rotate the tires. (Before on top, after below) I had been running the new 285s on the Taco, and a set of worn out tire on the LC while in the shop, now everything back… I will miss the stance of the 285s on the Taco. The rest of the day was spent watching the Tour, yard work and packing for the next trip.

Feb. 10, 2017


Not my week for tow truck drivers. I tell him, there is a yellow bucket in the front yard, leave it next to it (see the gravel parking spot?)


The yellow bucket was really covering a fence post driven 3 feet into the ground as a tie down for the old awning… so he unloads the Cruiser over the bucket (and steel post) ripping off my mud flap… WTF, you had one job!

Feb. 5, 2017


What a day – we had light sleet/ice and on the way to a mountain bike ride, the roads were littered with wrecks just after almost every bridge on 220


I really felt bad for these folks… when you hit ice, there is very little you can do!


Then my turn – not ice – but something caused the Land Cruiser to overheat suddenly – pouring coolant out of the over flow bottle…. after several calls with my roadside service and American Locksmith and towing, no one showed up (even after the web site said they were on scene) I left the truck there and did a just over 2 hour mountain bike and on the way home, the truck was still there!  WTF


I called the service, they said it was picked up – “want to bet” after several more calls, they will be there in 30 minutes – 2 hours later a different tow company finally showed up – almost 8 hours after my first call! Do not do business with American Locksmith and towing in Greensboro – they LIED several times to me and the roadside service company!

Jan. 30, 2016


A busy day, left at sun up to deliver my brother’s head, as long as I was there, might as well get new tires.



Go bigger or go home. After a buffet at my favorite BBQ place in South Carolina, I took the back roads home…



I took a bunch of dirt roads to see where they went and test the new tires ability to 4 wheel drive drift.



Finally stopped at Cheraw State Park to mountain bike.


A good day!

June 28, 2015

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Look bright skies.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers) Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Kodak found a new best friend. These two would have done this all day long if we let them. Porter and Kodak chased each other, ran through the creek, and rested in the mud puddles.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Our group.Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Hiking up Max Patch.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)The 360 degree view included Mt. Mitchell and our trucks.

062815pod_376Marie sung the hills are alive with the sound of music. (Sam’s picture)

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)For those who know Johnny, this rare, it is not him under his Land Cruiser fixing something. Brian let Heather drive the Land Cruiser, when she crossed a rut on the trail (or drove into the ravine) the front differential exploded? After removing the front drive shaft, we said good bye to the group. I really hope they made it the 4 plus hours home!

062815pod_377We moved to a new campsite in the Pisgah National Forest. I tried a little light painting with a flashlight.