Land Cruiser

June 16, 2022

Is there a better drink than Big Red to work on a Land Cruiser. While Sam is gone, time to catch up on some things, a new windshield, replace missing fuel door, fix bumper, new front shocks, remove hanging hood liner, oil change, tire rotation, new air filter, replace all 3 wipers and in the end new tie rods and front brake hoses. Then vacuum and wash it.

Not the way to start, broke tool on the tightest shock bolt under brake master… these tasks ending up taking days.

July 4, 2019


Early morning ride, like all my out and back rides, I tried to negative split the ride. Out avg was 17.5 mph and back was 19.8 – good start to the day.


This was the crew we camped with – or at least did pot luck lunch with.


Loaded up and heading home… the Land Cruiser did a great job, but I want my Tacoma/Flippac back!

June 27, 2019


Since the Tacoma/Flippac are down, I need to drive the Land Cruiser, but it needs brakes. The rotors are scored, so I order pads and rotors… but look at that rotor, it is not a remove caliper and slide on a new rotor like every other Toyota I have ever worked on, NO! It’s a remove hub assembly, use a soft blow hammer to get some stupid cone washers off… screw that throw in new pads and call it a day. Why have the last 18 hours sucked!

July 24, 2018


A complete failure! After 4 hours trying to get the alternator out of the Land Cruiser, I gave up and took it to the shop, they removed it and I replaced the brushes… but despite the alternator checking “Good” at Advance Auto, the Land Cruiser still isn’t charging right, so I still have to get a new alternator. The only positive, the mechanic that removed the alternator said it was a real pain, even asking the service writer, “I thought you liked me,” as he finished the job! Made me feel a little better.