mtn biking

Feb. 16, 2023

A day outdoors. I started with a hike with Kodak, then we loaded kayaks, bikes and a picnic lunch and headed for Uwharrie.

We started on the forest service roads, me getting turned around and even dropping Rojo into a hole and getting up on three wheels, but we finally got on the water and paddled to a lunch spot. The wind kept us from getting to the far end today, but still nice to be on the water.

Then I took the chance to ride while Deb took a nap, I noticed a field of Daffodils way, and I mean WAY off the trail. I bush whacked to them.

Despite the tea pot in the first picture, I think this was a still site and not a homestead, I did find odd things, like an old, very old, shoe, and metal pieces, but no foundation or well remnants.

I was so far off the trail, it took a moment to find it again, but the flowers were worth it.

Dec. 26, 2022

Music to my ears… all trails are open due to frozen conditions. I wasn’t expecting the middle of the singletrack to be 2 inches deep ice, and some of the high speed turns were sheets of ice, so an interesting ride this morning.

I love these ice crystals that form up from loose soil… the first time I noticed them was at Rumbling Bald a few years ago, and now I look for them.

I swear this look so much cooler on the phone.