mtn biking

April 19, 2017


DFL – my finishing position tonight. The opening race of the Wednesday mountain bike night series. I felt fine, worked hard and my lap times were as fast as I ride the course, but I was dropped like a hot rock. I finished 11 minutes behind the winner….


March 25, 2017


Curse at the Crab. I raced the 3 hour solo men 40+ open category. The race at Lake Crabtree in Morrisville is awesome, fast and flowing, I averaged around 10mph so I finished 5 laps for 30 miles total in just under the 3 hours, I have no idea where I placed, no results have been posted, but I had a blast! Results: 8th of 24 finishers. I am happy with that result in an Open race.

March 19, 2017


The Tacoma with the Land Cruiser rims with larger tires.


Why I like to pre-ride race courses. This is SanLee Park in Sanford, beautiful park with lots of trails, and rock gardens.  After I walked the 4th or 5th garden, and launched off the bike a time or two, I decided I am not racing here next weekend: a carbon fiber bike, rocks and my skills are not going to work out!

Feb. 25, 2017


Warrior Creek Mountain Bike Trail.

Everyone sees the big berms, but this was a beautiful view of the single-track.

I had planned two laps of the 12+ mile trail, so I figured a touch over 3 hours.


Six miles in (exactly half way or in the middle of the woods) , I felt this.. a broken seat rail.


My repair kit was sparse, but I had wrapped my CO2 in Gorilla Tape, so I taped a tire lever as a splint. A mile or so later, I passed a campsite and jumped on the road to get back to my truck. Since the trail is almost 2 hours from home, I didn’t want to quit riding, so I drove to Walmart – nothing but big comfy saddles. A quick search I found Cook’s Sporting Goods in Wilkesboro. It is a very cool outfitter place, backpacking, paddling, bike, ball sports, they had it all. On the bike wall all they had was big comfy saddles, dejected I asked the kid working if they had anything else – he asked me if I wanted more cushioning… (how old do I look?) ummm no I want a real saddle. He said he had a box of web sale stuff.


A Giant Contact something was close enough, marked down, it’s a winner.

Back to the trail and another lap. Great day of riding!

Feb. 18, 2017


The inaugural Mayodan Mountain Bike Classic. 


I was happy with my race. I entered the woods in 5th place and was right with 4th until one of the bigger rock gardens, I didn’t pick a good line and was launched from the bike.


Luckily I landed on my feet and started the hunt again, this picture is when I caught 4th on the dam.


On the podium!

I was able to ride away and rode hard the last lap, catching 3rd riding home a very low pressure tire.

My laps times: 19:17, 18:50, 18:49 and 18:18 – negative split each lap to finish 3:23 behind the winner! My first MTB race in over a year and the first on the Scott Scale!