mtn biking

June 16, 2019


Father’s Day started with a long mountain bike ride, and a nap in the Flippac before heading home.


Since it’s “my” day, I choose a family hike to the top of Little Long Mountain for a supper time picnic.


That makes a good day!



March 29, 2019


Great ride today, but I had to take this picture now because I was stopped with major cramps. I only had a Cherry Pop-Tart and diet Mt. Dew before the ride and bonked hard. I was very happy to average over 10mph for a 3+ hour ride and worried I wouldn’t finish after stretching. But I did!


It’s always funny to me what I think of when physically stressed, today it was Shawarma and Baby Guinness, I was able to quench both desires!

March 24, 2019


Race morning warmup. 34 degrees!


with the bike!


My Race: I never feel good about my fitness and this morning was the same, but I lined up against 12 or so guys in the 50+ Cat 3 field and waited for the word GO!

I got the hole shot and by the first turn in the grass I had a couple bike lengths, by the time we got to the woods I had 25 yards, after the first 1/4 mile I never saw anyone behind me again, I was lucky and rode away from the field. Soon I was catching riders from other fields and passed and dropped them.

I am happy to have won my 3rd Southern Classic Mountain Bike Race in the last 7 years (after a ton of mid pack finishes) and emailed USA Cycling to request my Category upgrade that evening, so bad to mid-pack finishes I am sure!

Jan. 12, 2019


Winter Short Track race at Finch Park in Lexington…. top step.


The trails are fun, fast and have a flow. I wasn’t sure I wanted to race, lots of tennis, weights and runs this week, but I had a good start. My legs were heavy as I worked through junior racers. I finished 4th in the mass start and 1st in my age group. Fun fact, I got beat on a sprint by a 12 year old!