mtn biking

June 30, 2018


Shady Side. I have no idea why I have never taken this trail off Owls Roast…. I guess I am a creature of habit, but what a fun loop!


June 9, 2018


Since I posted the high of winning last week, here is today’s race report. The Southern Classic Mountain Bike Series presented the USAC North Carolina State Championships on the fast course in Mayodan, NC. I decided I wanted to race it hard and from the gun, went for it… my friend Micheal got the hole shot to the woods, followed by 2 fast guys I had never seen before and Chris, then me. The 2 unknown fast guys pulled away from us and Chris and I started chasing…. I got around Chris for 3rd as we finished the first lap but let him back around as we entered the woods again. As I settled in behind Chris we were half way through the lap when my sweaty hand fly off the handle bars going over “whoops” and I slammed into the ground shoulder first, losing another spot…. then Michael and I started closing in on 3rd and 4th when I washed out on a corner, twisting my knee and my leg got tangled in the main triangle of the bike frame. (That hurt) I was now in 6th and I started trying to chase again when I went down for the 3rd time…. I was done…. so a bad day of racing, but a great day with friends!

June 2, 2018


The Southern Classic Mountain Series returned to Anglers Ridge in Danville.

My race race started well, I could have taken the hole shot, put decided to not “pop” on the climb up the ridge to start, so I settled in third as we entered the woods. Second place was letting a gap form to first, so I was “jawing” that he needed to close the gap… instead he pulled over and let me go. I quickly closed but to first and looking back, we had a gap and so I just followed until he hit a tree and went down. Now I was in first…. it is very weird racing from the front, the mental game, pushing yourself, and not popping or crashing.

As the second lap went on, second and third closed in and I could build a gap back, and back and forth we went, I tried hard to build a gap where they couldn’t see me – a out of sight, out of mind game. I caught the leader of the 19-39 field (they started 2 minutes before us) and passed him….. he said – “damn, being beat by an old man,” and he took my wheel, I didn’t want him to crash me, so I let back around as we entered the last creek crossing/climb when I clipped a tree and went down…. no damage, but I couldn’t get un-clipped and struggled to get off the ground. Luckily my gap was big enough I held on for the win. Only my second win in the series….




My custom made trophy by Josh Miller, the race director!

April 22, 2018


A great day of biking, over 3 hours of single track, most of it all to myself. I started somewhat early and did Owls Roost, Wild Turkey and Reedy Fork for 1.5 hour out, then turned around to negative split the ride backwards. My avg speed was higher than normal and I felt smooth. I added on a bit at the end before lunch!

April 20, 2018


A day trip to Charlotte, I bought a used bike GPS then had good a Mexican lunch before hitting the trails at Col. Francis Beatty Park. They added some fun obstacles since 7 years ago (last time I rode there)


When I got home I did my domestic chores so I can play again on Saturday, after mowing, weed whacking and chain sawing, Sam and me sat by a fire…. turns out I like Amaretto straight…..