mtn biking

Jan. 15, 2018


My day:

  • Take Deb to airport
  • Drive to mountain bike trail to find it closed
  • Get haircut
  • Nap
  • School work
  • Tennis

The highlight was the tennis, we won for the first time in a month. I even had a couple of aces on serve.


Nov. 11, 2017


A busy day. Started early with 2 hours of indoors tennis singles, and since I was in Greensboro, might as well get an hour or so on the mountain bike. Come home and rotate the tires on the Tacoma and Land Cruiser while changing the rotors and pas on the Taco.

Sept. 4, 2017


Sam and I hit the Virginia Creeper trail early to beat the crowds. 17 miles of downhill biking!


and a bunch of bridges on the old railroad trail.


Making art!


A successful morning! Last time we rode this trail, Deb flipped and suffered a concussion so we didn’t get to enjoy the ride (or the ER visit) today Deb served as our personal shuttle. After a lunch in Damascus and breaking down camp we headed home…..


but had time to stop at Grayson Highlands State Park. Deb had never been there since normally Sam and I backpack there, but I wanted her to see the wild ponies. There were lots of foals (less than a year old) like this one scratching itself on a tree.


and this one that wanted to be petted? There are signs everywhere don’t feed or pet the ponies…. but this did everything but purr!


Family picture, sans Sam she doesn’t want to touch them?

Hike #33


On the way down I am looking at the park map and see “waterfall” – I had no idea, we come for the AT trail, the bald mountain tops, Rhododendron Trail, etc. This is a unnamed? 25 foot falls on Cabin Creek trail. A hidden gem, almost no one on the trail and very pretty!  hike #34 – #52hikechallenge

Aug. 26, 2017


That was interesting…. For the first time in a very long time I crashed mountain biking when I wasn’t expecting it. See the broken branch in the middle, my head snapped it, my shoulder hit the tree trunk, and both legs were cut by something. Up to that moment, I was enjoying the peacefulness and the lack of dangerous cars. I had not been on the MTB since my last race this Spring, might have been too long.

I had planned to hike this weekend, and since the front wheel was “taco-ed” so badly it wouldn’t turn in the fork, I am counting the hike out of Keyauwee Trail in URE as hike #31 of #52hikechallenge This is the third time I have had to carry a bike out of Uwharrie, I broke my Dos Niner frame there, snapped a chain and now this crash.

The funny story: I hit my head pretty hard and took a minute to gather my thoughts, checked myself, the bike and started walking. I had just over 3 miles to hike, with just under a mile to go I ran into a really cute blond and her stud-ly boyfriend and she asks me if they are almost to the top….. my head hurts and I say “what?” at this point of the trail they are descending hard (in fact one the funnest parts of the trail on a bike) – she asks again and I tell her she is walking downhill….. I stared at her wondering what she was asking me… there is no bald or real “top” on this trail. I asked if they knew where they where, informed them they had covered about 1 mile and had 5 to go to the bail out Forest Service Road. They thanked me and I walked away…. odd.

April 19, 2017


DFL – my finishing position tonight. The opening race of the Wednesday mountain bike night series. I felt fine, worked hard and my lap times were as fast as I ride the course, but I was dropped like a hot rock. I finished 11 minutes behind the winner….


March 25, 2017


Curse at the Crab. I raced the 3 hour solo men 40+ open category. The race at Lake Crabtree in Morrisville is awesome, fast and flowing, I averaged around 10mph so I finished 5 laps for 30 miles total in just under the 3 hours, I have no idea where I placed, no results have been posted, but I had a blast! Results: 8th of 24 finishers. I am happy with that result in an Open race.

March 19, 2017


The Tacoma with the Land Cruiser rims with larger tires.


Why I like to pre-ride race courses. This is SanLee Park in Sanford, beautiful park with lots of trails, and rock gardens.  After I walked the 4th or 5th garden, and launched off the bike a time or two, I decided I am not racing here next weekend: a carbon fiber bike, rocks and my skills are not going to work out!