mtn biking

Aug. 2, 2020


New campsite.


I started early and had Silver Run Falls to myself.  It’s a great swimming hole!


One of my goals for the weekend was to ride some new single track. I talked to several mountain bikers I met and one asked me, “you know about Stump House Tunnel right?” ummm no, well it has history (old railroad tunnel that was never finished), a waterfall and miles of single track to ride – sounds like a dream!

The waterfall – Issaqueena Falls – was a little disappointing, but there are several more to find/explore on my next trip.


Stumphouse Tunnel and it’s history is cool.


The ride was totally worth the trip! As I was studying the map, a young kid rolls up and asks if it’s my first time, yes, well ride with me. Connor, a Clemson University student showed me the best lap and we had a blast, he could drop me on every downhill and I could catch back up on every climb.