North Carolina Cyclocross State Championship

Dec. 18, 2011

The North Carolina Cyclocross State Championship. I have not raced in a few weeks but figured the race was close enough, and I will pine for cyclocross all summer. My day started really bad, as I began a warm up lap on a frosty and muddy coarse I started a slide and stuck my leg out and caught my toe, twisting my knee. I had to really think if I even wanted to start I was in so much pain… but some stretching and light riding loosened it up enough so I headed to the start line. I decided to start in the back and see how I felt…. well it’s a race, so after 1/2 a lap I just rode hard. The coarse was technical and wet, the signature was a “run up” (almost all the pictures) that could be ridden if you hit it right (I never did in the race) over a bridge and a steep ramp down. (the picture of the guy choosing to slide down on his butt)
I had a blast, I have no idea how I finished, my class results were never posted, I will update this later.