photography school

April 17, 2018


Live demos and equipment issues. I never practice or use my personal equipment in my live demos, I don’t mind having problems and I talk out loud through my trouble shooting… today was a new one…. no matter what the flash was doing a full dump. I said that is not 1/128th power…. I might change my approach ; )


April 13, 2018


Today was a GREAT day!

I accomplished everything I wanted to do on my list: gym in the morning, oil change on the Taco, tune mountain bike, lunch with JD, pack for camping, pick up wheel and ride. Then the day got better, my students documentary on North Carolina Cyclocross was selected for the Longleaf 2018 Film Festival!

I found out right before I started my ride and was so happy/thrilled/excited for the class that my ride was magical, the bike flowed, I was fast and smooth and enjoyed every moment of the ride! Like I said, a good day!


JD and I talked about Utah at lunch….


Post ride celebration beer at Revolution Cycles. Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale (a sour)