photography school

May 21, 2018


The summer semester starts and the requirement for the golden elixir of life does too.


May 12, 2018


Carolina ‘Cross on the the screen… in front of a standing room only crowd!

Photo A Day 2018

After the film block, film makers got to introduce themselves and take questions… the best part was when another filmmaker used part of her introduction time to gush over our film and complimenting it as a first time documentary film!

May 11, 2018

Photo A Day 2018

“Khabecca” – Khadejeh and Becca made the trip to Raleigh for the opening night of the Longleaf Film Festival and the premiere of their class documentary “Carolina ‘Cross”

Photo A Day 2018

Signing the movie makers poster for the North Carolina Museum of History collection.

Photo A Day 2018

Our poster

Photo A Day 2018

After the opening reception, Movies – N- Midnight

May 4, 2018

Photos in Colorado

The PJ class short documentary “Carolina ‘Cross” was finally seen on the big screen at Praxis Film Festival.

Becca and Khadejeh were invited as part of a panel on film making for new filmmakers – we were the only documentary – at least that wasn’t just a slide show of old photos – and had some great questions and compliments!