photography school

Sept. 10, 2018


Looking at A&T first game clips for documentary. This is going to be awesome!


Sept. 8, 2018


A great night to end the 50th anniversary celebration for the Randolph Community College’s Photography Department. Great to see old friends, students and co-workers. Thanks to Johnny Horne and Cindy Burnham who gave me my first big break as they did for so many RCC PJ grads over the years with internships and first jobs!


July 26, 2018


So nice to see my student’s film on the big screen again, the Real to Reel International Film Festival in Kings Mountain. This audience was really into the documentary, laughed at the funny parts, reacted to the suffering, etc. in fact, this was the best crowd reaction so far for the film. Tonight had film makers from Texas and Illinois too, each film maker took questions from the crowd after their film.


During the day I got to hike a state park that has been on my list since last year’s 52 Hike Challenge. Crowders State Park. Did the more interesting Crowders Mountain trail to Rockhop a great hike to the Crowders Mountain overlook.