photography school

Oct. 11, 2017

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Louie Palu, an award winning documentary photographer and filmmaker, known for his work examining social political issues such as human rights, conflict and poverty.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Palu showed his latest documentary, “Road Through War” a road trip along the front lines of the war in Ukraine, and talked to the Photojournalism class and first year students about looking at old ideas in a new way, story telling and preparing for reportage in dangerous environments.


Sept. 6, 2017


Straight out of the camera. The photojournalism class had a on location lab shooting “sportstraits” or sports portraits. This is my demo of a CrossFit athlete, despite equipment issues, I am happy with my image despite not shooting with lights but once or twice a year. PS since my students look at my blog, this is a B+ or A- image, you can do better!

July 22, 2017


Some days are better Photo A Day days than others… I started with a macro of this grasshopper.

Then the RCC Photography Department’s Graduation Recognition. A framed “Toast”

So I think I am done with PODs and head towards South Carolina to pick up  Sam from her Aunt and grandmother week long vacation.


and the Wienermobile pulls in front of me… and they are hiring! –


I followed for a while, hoping it would stop for a picture next to it, I finally gave up and passed it….


and left it in my dust of US 1. If only every POD day was this good!