Aug. 1, 2018


The students from Stoneman Douglas High School joined local students at a Rally for Our Lives in Greensboro, since I had time before tennis and wanted to play with a new gimbal I stopped by.


Of course Trump supporters and/or 2nd amendment had a protest… odd thing was several speakers said they support the 2nd including their family owning guns….


I hate sign photos, but this one I liked….


it has been a while since I tried to cover an event, plus not being allowed “inside the ropes” but I had fun and was also playing with a Sony A7II


This woman put up a good debate with the protesters, it is always interesting to watch the mob mentality against one person.

Video of gimbal and Sony A7II test


June 12 & 13, 2018


What I was supposed to wake up to this morning and what I did…. after 2 years of planning, life got in the way and I had to cancel a month long trip to Moab and this morning was supposed to be my first day on the White Rim Trail. I am still thankful for all I have in my life, but this morning I was thinking about where I had a reservation to be…. (PS Utah picture credit to JD Dorton, the guy who helped me plan a lot of my trip)


When I got back to my truck, a local high school student working a photography project, wanted to use my Taco as a prop…. either way (in Utah or at a trail head) the truck was photographed today. (This is the June 12 POD – I messed up posting)


Feb. 10, 2017 Snow Moon


A full moon in February is called a snow moon. Adding to the excitement  was a lunar eclipse – not an awesome total eclipse. but the moon passes through enough shadow (called the penumbra) to create a noticeable darkening on the left side – this photo is the peak.


I spent some time looking for a foreground…


but with a 500mm Mirror lens, the moon was not big enough for the depth of field to work…