April 14, 2022

High school lacrosse. Only newspaper photographers will understand this. 7:15pm game and 8:15 deadline. Arrive at 6:30 since one team doesn’t have a roster online. The girls game is at halftime and it’s senior night. 7 comes and goes, Page ties the game with 20 seconds to go – OVERTIME

New fact I learned, lacrosse OT is sudden death. 7:30 comes and goes, I text my editor… he makes a call, 8:34 drop dead deadline, and a vertical but not a strong one. Games starts just after 8pm. I shoot from 8:04 till 8:12 and run back to my truck (I didn’t get a good parking spot and was a far bit away)

Edit, pick one, and not enough signal for my hotspot to work, pack up and drive till I get more bars.

But this is what I got. Photojournalism is fun and I love the challenge of making deadlines! PS I haven’t photographed lacrosse in 13 years.

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Jan. 8, 2022

A chance to shoot for the Syracuse Post-Standard

The year Syracuse (2003) won the National Championship, my co-worker Will Yurman and I covered every home game, sadly the paper choose not to send us to the Final Four.

Today the Orange drop a close one in over-time