Aug. 25, 2018

“Anti-fascists” and Silent Sam supporters clashed at UNC Chapel Hill . It was very interesting as the “anti-fascists” battled the media as much as the Silent Sam supporters, including the assault of my former student as shown in my pictures, sadly the police missed that one! Great great job by former students Becca Benson and Khadejeh Nikouyeh, as I told you on the scene, you both out shot me!

Aug. 1, 2018


The students from Stoneman Douglas High School joined local students at a Rally for Our Lives in Greensboro, since I had time before tennis and wanted to play with a new gimbal I stopped by.


Of course Trump supporters and/or 2nd amendment had a protest… odd thing was several speakers said they support the 2nd including their family owning guns….


I hate sign photos, but this one I liked….


it has been a while since I tried to cover an event, plus not being allowed “inside the ropes” but I had fun and was also playing with a Sony A7II


This woman put up a good debate with the protesters, it is always interesting to watch the mob mentality against one person.

Video of gimbal and Sony A7II test

June 12 & 13, 2018


What I was supposed to wake up to this morning and what I did…. after 2 years of planning, life got in the way and I had to cancel a month long trip to Moab and this morning was supposed to be my first day on the White Rim Trail. I am still thankful for all I have in my life, but this morning I was thinking about where I had a reservation to be…. (PS Utah picture credit to JD Dorton, the guy who helped me plan a lot of my trip)


When I got back to my truck, a local high school student working a photography project, wanted to use my Taco as a prop…. either way (in Utah or at a trail head) the truck was photographed today. (This is the June 12 POD – I messed up posting)