April 29, 2017


I wanted to play with Light Painting, but it was a little early.


20 minutes later, it was perfect.

Feb. 10, 2017 Snow Moon


A full moon in February is called a snow moon. Adding to the excitement  was a lunar eclipse – not an awesome total eclipse. but the moon passes through enough shadow (called the penumbra) to create a noticeable darkening on the left side – this photo is the peak.


I spent some time looking for a foreground…


but with a 500mm Mirror lens, the moon was not big enough for the depth of field to work…

Feb. 3, 2017

Eno River State Park

New photos for my classroom/ PJ newsroom. Photos from graduates of the program since I started and where they work now! Great folks with great jobs, North Carolina State A&T, Carolina Panthers, Fayetteville Observer, Rocky Mount Telegram, Live Storms Media, Winston-Salem Journal, Sports Endeavors and Grand Forks Herald (ND) all represented!

Oct. 15, 2016 (The rest of the day)


The day started before dawn for the drive to Lenoir and the first race of the 2016-17 North Carolina Cyclocross Series. Turns out tennis does not help one bit for cycling – I finished about 5 from dead last, but this picture from Sam captures the moment… this is the last lap and coming out of the last turn, the lap before I had caught this guy but took a beer hand-up (illegal, but it’s ‘cross) and had to work to catch him again, as I started my sprint, the chain slipped (why I am about to go over the bars) so no fun sprint to the line for us.

Then Sam and I visited Henry River Mill Village (it’s own post) and headed for a hike a part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail to the Upper and Lower Gragg Prong Waterfalls and Hunt-Fish Falls. We got a late start, and I decided to turn around before it got dark, as it was it was after 5:30 when we got back to the truck.

101516pod_43 101516pod_46

Cruising along dirt roads in the mountains


Finally we got on the foggy Blue Ridge Parkway and headed for a campground for the night.

101516pod_48 101516pod_50

Dinner, a small fire, a quick card game and off to bed!


Oct. 15, 2016 (Henry River Mill Village)


Henry River Mill Village was the site of District 12 in the movie Hunger Games. The village was laid out in 1904 around a yarn mill, it closed in the 1960s, but 21 of the worker homes remain.


The property in private, but can be driven through…..


anything after that is at your own risk…. (plus they say it’s haunted)

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The Village is located at
35°41’45.6″N 81°25’44.4″W
35.696000, -81.429000