Jan. 7, 2020


Taking Sam back to UNC for the start of Spring semester, look how happy she is!


Before tennis I meet the local FJ Cruiser club including the owner of this truck whi I have been FB friends with for a couple of years since we share MTB, off-roading and camping interests but had never met in person!


I really should wax my paint more often ; )

Dec. 15, 2019


A gravel ride with Clay and Kay in Uwharrie National Forest. This is what we expected.


This is what we ended on!


After the ride I went exploring, but not crossing this bridge today.


Sam “finally” came home – we saved her half a cookie cake and made her do the math to add up to her age.

July 27, 2019


The Great Channels in SW Virginia. I hiked here a couple of years ago in the cold and snow, today was much warmer.


It’s fun to explore the cracks and crevices.


and a daughter to show scale


these are the main “slots” – we explored trying to find more remote ones, but only got tangled in vines and bushes.




Another fire tower I can’t climb (Middle Knob) and since I was here last, the care taker’s cabin is gone.


Elizabeth recorded our track through the Channels


One last sunset


July 13, 2019


So happy to wake up in my Flippac again after it broke a couple of weeks ago!


Ride #2 FATS (Fayetteville Area Triathlon Society) visit FATS (Forks Area Trail System) ride was cut short after I double flatted, used 3 CO2 cartridges, 2 tubes, 2 patches and a CX tube to get out. Great trails and I had a blast on Great Wall and Skinny Loops


An afternoon and evening at Bill and Shanda’s, low country boil, swimming in the rain and an evening boat ride for Purple Martins (if we had enough gas in the boat)

July 10, 2019


A big day…. Sam enters UNC Chapel Hill


This was not a pretty dorm room! Luckily she only has to spend 1 night here!




After breakfast with Sam as she waited for stuff to start, I rode a new trail system for me, Brumley Nature Preserve in Chapel Hill. Just like when Steph went to Kent State, I will get a ride in when picking up/dropping off. This is a flowy and fast system and a lot of fun!


Dinner – lettuce wrapped lamb burger…. I may have missed some important carbs today! My USTA singles match went 2.5 hours in 90 plus degrees, I won 7-6 and 7-5 to remain undefeated this summer, but it hurt.

July 7, 2019

Day 2 of FlipPac repair! To do: install new hinges and torsion bar, seal hinge openings, fiberglass repair the holes we drilled in the back, remount on truck. Success! Thanks again to James Hays and Elizabeth Collins I would have never been able to do the repair without them! Video


After we finished it was time to go swim and cool off!


Swimming hole at Jumping Off Rock in Uwharrie National Forest


My Taco is topless, first time in 5 years or so. I love the look but can’t wait to get my adventure truck back today!

June 23, 2019


This morning was a slow start, see last night’s fire side festivities, I did get up and got a long run in on some hiking trails – no idea what it was or where I was…. after bathing in the river, I figured out no one was exploring today and Sam wasn’t up to back tracking to the elk, so time to head to Asheville for lunch and a beer.


We stopped at a second hand outdoor gear place called – Second Gear – I found a pair of pants I really liked, till I saw the $61 price… nothing for me, but Sam got this cute dress.