South Carolina

July 22, 2017


Some days are better Photo A Day days than others… I started with a macro of this grasshopper.

Then the RCC Photography Department’s Graduation Recognition. A framed “Toast”

So I think I am done with PODs and head towards South Carolina to pick upĀ  Sam from her Aunt and grandmother week long vacation.


and the Wienermobile pulls in front of me… and they are hiring! –


I followed for a while, hoping it would stop for a picture next to it, I finally gave up and passed it….


and left it in my dust of US 1. If only every POD day was this good!


April 16, 2017


I-20 in Columbia. Our speed went from 70mph to 0 so fast, I was checking my mirrors fearful I was about to be rear-ended. The accident had happened just in front of us, but blocked by two tractor trailers, as I rolled up to the scene (less than 1 minute) the car was on it’s side and smoking. I parked, grabbed my fire extinguisher and ran back, these 5 guys were trying to push the car up a bit as the driver was trapped – her head was between the pavement and the top of the door, not crushed, just trapped – so I helped roll the car up, they pulled her out and we pushed the car all the way over so it wouldn’t roll back onto her. She was moaning and cut in several spots, but I think she will be OK. It was very sad scene, she was traveling somewhere, the car was packed with household stuff – new boxes of trash bags, zip lock bags, suitcases, and I saw at least one collectable coin in the cardboard holder. I helped pick up stuff from the travel lane, retrieved my pocket knife (used to cut her seat belt) and headed out, plenty of folks helping her, emergency services were almost there and I didn’t want to get hit as rubber neckers rolled through. There had already been 2 rear end accidents on the other side of the highway.

On the way to my mom’s on Friday, there were multiple accidents along this stretch of 20 – between 77 and just past 26 – in fact we were in stop and go traffic for 20 minutes, even after we made it through that there were many very aggressive drivers. Then Saturday morning after my bike ride I was on the stretch again and had a young women tail gating me so hard I couldn’t see her in the side mirrors, in very light traffic and we were in the right lane!

To all my friends traveling for the Easter holiday – BE CAREFUL!

April 21, 2016


The morning was spent exploring, the map showed a curvy mountain road, not The Tail of the Dragon, but fun and scenic!



Waterfall in Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in South Carolina.


Then the Bald Rock Heritage Preserve in South Carolina, sadly every bit of the rock face has graffiti and trash. Very disappointing!


Finally hit the mountain bike trails, I shot video today, but had to get a picture of this guy in the middle of the trail. Great day, 3 hours or so of riding.