South Carolina

April 17, 2022

Hell of the North Day. My favorite one day classic, Paris Roubaix is this morning so I got an early ride in on the dirt roads in South Carolina.

I was just turning onto every dirt road I passed, when all of a sudden I see a single cobble (paving stone) in the road…. very Paris Roubaix.

After Easter Dinner with my mom and Lynn and some chores, Lynn, Kodak and I returned to Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve for a hike and so we could find Small Peachtree Rock (I took a wrong trail yesterday)

April 10, 2022

My mom has a strict no pictures of her policy and the internet, but today was needed for history.

Today was her first dose of Chemo to treat small cell lung cancer. (this isn’t the actual med, just an IV)

Another quick hike in Shealy Nature Preserve

Two days ago I said there isn’t great water access, and I explained that to Kodak, but she waded through the muck to find open water

She was pleased with herself!

April 8, 2022

My sister and I took a quick break to hike in the Shealy Nature Preserve, Alltrails has several comments about it being sketchy… seems more because of the neighborhood, the trails are short and no real water access, so I wouldn’t travel far to hike here.

The end of the longest trail ends in this cool creek

March 6, 2022

When we took out yesterday, a fisherman asked if we were scared in kayaks with all the alligators… we of course said no and decided we needed to find them. We switched sides of Lake Marion and put in at the Sparkleberry Swamp Landing in the Santee National Wildlife Refugee. With a name like Sparkleberry Swamp it must have alligators.

And I spotted one, normally James and Elizabeth see everything first, but not today.

We argued about it’s size (the men thought it was bigger, like always?) but look at the tail, and that isn’t the end, it’s eyes are in the small water opening on the left side of frame. I still say it was over 12 feet.

The swamp doesn’t open up that way Beth let us know.

After an evening around a fire and Long Island Ice Teas, James and Beth decided the Flippac needed their Aurora Borealis Light. It works great in the tent, but too bright to sleep under.