May 26, 2022

Not the way to end a day. I stopped at my mailbox when I got home and Rojo died when I tried to drive again. Starts and idles fine, but as soon as you go into reverse or drive it stalls. Had to back Pongo down to pull her up to the house with the help of my neighbor.

April 25, 2022

Pongo turned 200,000 miles today

I did pull over this time.

Almost stock and JD driving.

JD didn’t leave Pongo stock long and make a couple trips west. Notice ARB front bumper and stock rear bumper.

Then front bumper was replaced with a CBI bumper

Then one day, JD and I were having lunch and he mentioned he was selling Pongo, we ate without talking about it much (we both always talk about what is the perfect vehicle for our hobbies) but as we left, I asked if he was serious and what was he thinking of for a price…. he was and I had a deal within an hour after checking with my CFO.

and I got to finally make my trip west last summer.

April 24, 2022

It was time to delete the rear seat delete. I built this platform last year for my trip west and Kodak, but with family coming, I needed my rear seat.


What was under the platform, 2 puffy jackets and a puffy vest, a fleece jacket and sweatshirt. First aid kit, shave kit, 2 camp chairs, tools, rain gear, winch stuff and a complete change of cloths.

Seat is back with dog hammock.