March 13, 2018


Throwback Tuesday. That time I was almost the cover of Toyota Trails, the TLCA magazine. I wrote a story called “Plan B” how adventuring with my Toyota Tacoma leads to many Plan B decisions. This year we had planned to go to Nova Scotia, but something came up, so we headed to Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, after a couple of cold nights and bear visits, my friend’s wife wanted warmth, so we headed to Cape Hatteras for the rest of the vacation….. I am neverĀ  unhappy if camping.


March 12, 2018


Sunday morning – back to reality and back work. I needed to prep for Monday and had plans in the afternoon, so early to work. Best quote of the day, “It must be convenient to always have a bed with you.” #flippac for the win.

March 5, 2018 (part 2)

(Photo by Jay Capers)

After work, Sam and I started driving to New York. I just wanted to break up the drive and avoid a predicted winter storm. As I searched for hotel that are dog friendly, I wasn’t willing to spend $100 just to sleep so I found primitive camping in Michaux State Forest in PA. We arrived just after 10pm and it was dark, we drove around the dirt roads a bit before settling on this ATV parking lot. The stars were so bright, I had to do a light painting picture before bed. It was down in the 20s but we both sleep well.

March 4, 2018


Breakfast with my students and former student Allison – not sure why she was sad, she was the only one who didn’t drink.


The five hour drive home, the truck rolled over 278,000


After drinking more in 3 days than the past six months, I needed a ride to move more blood. Plus I was in a melancholy mood.

It’s not quite a Churchill Black Dog, but I think I had more fun this year at the NSC than in many years, I hung out with my current and past RCC students, saw a ton of former RIT students (including one from my first EVJ class), sat in on a few more sessions than normal and my job (portfolio reviews) went flawless and I was never stressed. I think my melancholy is more thinking about missed moments, with my career and relationships with people, or maybe I really can’t handle alcohol at all! (Diary mood off now!)

Feb. 24, 2018

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Everything you need to upgrade your Tacoma brakes to the bigger Tundra brakes.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Nothing is bolt on…. this is only trimming the dust shield

(Photo by Jay Capers)

This should be a 3 hour job for the home mechanic, I picked up the parts at 9:30am, went for a bike ride and had lunch, so really started at about 1pm, Clay and I finished at 8pm, after the first bedding of new pads and rotors, we decided to try one more system bleed and one wheel wouldn’t open, so we called it a night. Thanks to Clay for helping and loaning tools.

Feb. 23, 2018


Excited to pick up my new Tacoma today….. kidding – love visiting Midstate Toyota in Asheboro, there is always a cool truck to look at! I was just there to pick up brake fluid, after 275,000 miles I am changing the brake calipers with Tundra brakes: bigger brakes=quicker stops!

Dec. 29, 2017


Today was the planned hiking day. My first goal was Crabtree Falls.


It was as pretty as I hoped, and I loved the ice.


We stayed so long, the dog started shivering….


it is funny watching other people, several walked up, looked at the waterfall, took a selfie and left.


But at least they are not in my way!


Next up was Roaring Forks Falls


We had this one to ourselves!


All about the details.


We ended the day at Setrock Creek Falls.


The “least” pretty, but again we had the scene all to ourselves!


You needed at least one picture of the truck.