Oct. 8, 2018


My Taco and a mural in Greensboro


Sept. 29, 2018


I woke up too early, did chores, including changing the rear lights on the Taco to try and fix an intermittent issue.

Then USTA tennis match which we lost 6-1, 1-6, 10-7, a bike ride and home.


Sam got her hair cut, a lot of length is gone!

Aug. 18, 2018


What do you do after spending $4,000 on truck repairs? Take it off-roading. A great day in the woods, got to take someone out who had not been on the URE OHV trails before and made it to D9 Brewing. I didn’t get pictures of the fun stuff (driving and spotting) but Dutch John was a blast but getting more and more technical.