Toyota Land Cruiser

Jan. 30, 2016


A busy day, left at sun up to deliver my brother’s head, as long as I was there, might as well get new tires.



Go bigger or go home. After a buffet at my favorite BBQ place in South Carolina, I took the back roads home…



I took a bunch of dirt roads to see where they went and test the new tires ability to 4 wheel drive drift.



Finally stopped at Cheraw State Park to mountain bike.


A good day!

June 26, 2015

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Deb, Sam and I joined friends from the Olde North State Land Cruiser club for a weekend run on forest service roads in North Carolina and Tennessee. The club’s unofficial slogan is a drinking club with a Toyota problem. So a natural meeting spot isĀ  Sierra Nevada’s brewery south of Asheville.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Lunch was awesome, the classic pizza and a sampler of beers.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)But soon it was time to get into the woods, right as the rain came down.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Hurricane Creek Road was as fun as always, normal holes became muddy, water crossings deeper, etc.

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)But we all made it to the primitive camp at Round Mountain, TN. No more pictures today, we set up camp in the near darkness and rain, tried to make cover and cook dinner. The plan was a bring your own meat and pot luck sides. Deb worked hard to keep a fire going long enough to cook and we all headed to bed.