June 15, 2019


Back to the track


I love riding the steep banks and this was a racing workshop for new track racers


There were several college riders in the group and so much strategy to think about


It is a blast going all out on a fixed gear bike, I just have to remember I have to keep pedaling as I crossed the line.




Then time to bar hop/eat. We passed a place called The Pump House on the way to the velodrome, so we started there, drinks and wings while sitting on the roof top bar watching tubers on the Catawba River.


Then following a recommendation, it was a seafood dinner at the Rock Salt in Charlotte (this is a wall on a bike shop)


a night at my favorite camp spot in Uwharrie National Forest


June 5, 2019


A busy day, up early for a run at Bass Lake, then time to explore, driving foreat service and dirt roads


a couple of short hikes


the view of Grandfather Mountain from Grandmother Mountain.

Ended the day at USAT summer singles league, I won my match 6-1, 6-3

June 4, 2019


Back on the road, Kodak must see everything.


the threat of rain made a change of plans, so I jumped on the bike as soon as we got to Blowing Rock


All the climbing is worth it with these views, and the screaming descent. (although today the descent had a headwind and I was only able to hit 43mph)


after dinner at the Coyote Kitchen, we headed to our favorite hill top for the sunset. I had figured out how to download Netflix on the iPad for a trip that didn’t happen, so now I can binge watch shows like Sabrina.


Kodak kept an eye on the wildlife


until they got too close.




good cow!

June 2, 2019


After the race, I wanted some peace and quiet, this place covers it! Until almost dusk, then a thunderstorm hit, including pea size hail…. I didn’t bring my rain fly because I didn’t bother to check the weather. Opps!


A short hike to Widow’s Creek Falls


Keto meal on my tailgate


the view from Wolf Rock


a cactus in full bloom


Kodak gets a look at Stone Mountain from Cedar Rock


ending the day with a a Four Saints Gose and Times Square pizza

Sept. 1, 2018


Cross is here, at least in Virginia. GoCross, a UCI weekend on a permanent course in Roanoke. The lap had a stair run up, long sand pit and flyover. My race started well, call ups were based on registration order, so I was deep in the field in about 48 place. I worked my way up to top 15 before the sand pit and was riding through it when the rider beside me fell into me, knocking me over the tape and out of the sand…. I spent the rest of the race picking off riders and being passed by 3 people on the last lap to finish 20th of 50+ starters. This was an open Cat 4 race, so I was racing 19 -99 year olds, but finished 4th among the 50+ year old riders. I was happy for my first race of the year!


Roanoke is called the Star City of the South because of this huge star over looking the city.


July 6, 2018


My day started like almost everyday of the trip, an hour climb up the forest service road outside our campsite and a 12 minute bomb back down. The best part was at the turn around, there was cell service, so I could check email and make a call each morning.


Fog and nightfall. If you camp with James and Elizabeth, you will eat well and still enjoy a luxury or two…. tonight was movie night, “Paul” was played on the wall of the E-Z up… but the hard drive wasn’t playing nice, so parts were played twice (or more) sometimes it was in French, sometimes a narrator described what was happening (or DV – Descriptive Video)

The middle of the day we searched for and found a swimming hole on a road that wasn’t on a map…. but we cut it short when I discovered a steering rack leak and no fluid in my pump…. how to quickly get to a town without lots of curves in the mountains…. impossible!

July 5, 2018


Nemo Tunnels near Wartburg, TN – I mentioned to James and Elizabeth the abandoned railroad tunnels and that was all it took for this to be a goal….


I know you are supposed to wade through water when off-roading first, but today was a just go for it… I created a large bow wave and the water never reached my door seals, so¬† it was all good right?


Tunnel #24 is just about a 1/2 mile long. When we left back through it, twice I had to back out when we ran into another truck in the tunnel!


the 2nd tunnel to explore is a walk through and across from some VERY busy tracks… it was a little scary with my daughter and truck that close to a fast train….. the 2nd train to come through in 20 minutes, just missed us doing a 3 point turn!