Nov. 14, 2020

I do like Roanoke, a great downtown and plenty to do… hike, mountain bike and at least once a year, race cyclocross….

Saturday’s race: I was racing in the Pro, 1, 2, 3 and 3,4 field that included a former national champion (he lapped me every two laps) but I had a good start and settled in the middle of my field till the first mud section, my bike slide sideways and as I yanked to stay upright I felt a pop in my shoulder and my bicep really hurt. I tried to stretch while racing but every time I had to lift the bike or use my right arm to control the bike I was in pain. Now that I am a Cat 3 I have longer races and this one was 50 mins, I had to debate quitting or riding through the pain… I could tell racing Sunday with this pain was doubtful and was still in the middle of my field, so I rode on. I finished 13th of 19 finishers and once off the bike noticed it looks like I am “flexing” my bicep all the time. I think it is a partial tear of the bicep tendon based on the ball of something in my arm (hopefully I can see an ortho on Monday) or maybe it will go away overnight.

Oct. 31, 2020

Bristol, TN and Tornado Cross at Kings University. This might be the long stair run I have ever done in a race.

This creek crossing was fun, even if I had to skateboard it twice.

My race: I got the hole shot and built a large gap through the woods. I led for over half the race before getting caught, I did crash twice which didn’t help. I tried to stay with him, but he pulled away, so I finished the last lap.

I was a little frustrated by being caught and decided maybe I needed a little training, so I jumped on the Virginia Creeper in Abingdon and rode to Damascus and back. The last 6 miles or I started doubting it was a good idea, I bonked pretty hard.

But is a pretty ride!

June 21, 2020


Happy Father’s Day. I started early with a bike ride, fixed a lawn mower, then James, Elizabeth and I headed to Morrow Mountain State Park for a hike and picnic before kayaking.


The summit road was closed, so we hiked from the bottom.


Along the way we met a couple walking their cat on a leash.


I can’t take James and Elizabeth somewhere that doesn’t have a waterfall…. Moccasin Creek Falls on Falls Reservoir


For those who know the paddle, the dam was releasing water and the spillway was sending water over the rock island… the water was faster than I have ever seen it. I really thought there was no way we were going to make it to the caves today, but Beth was determined. We tried the right side, Clay attacked the middle and finally Beth said we had to go up the left bank, portage over the rocks and then all we had to do was cross the river – sounds easy enough. I was sure I was going to be swimming again like the last time I tried to make it during a release, so no pictures, I put everything away.


After long effort over the rocks we made it!


Nobody was flipped and Beth got to paddle into the cave.