Aug. 16, 2019


I received my used 70-200mm today so thought I would shoot a little football to choose which lens to keep for freelance football this fall. A 26 year old 300mm or much newer 70-200


The AF of the 70-200 was fast and sharp, but seemed to quick to jump, may try and turn down AF sensitivity.


I only shot for about 20 minutes, so nothing good, but it’s fun to be on the sidelines again!


This is the problem with the shorter 200mm, shot 50 yards away at f2.8, but still no separation from background. But I will have to live with it!


Aug. 14, 2019


The last Wednesday Night MTB race for the season and my first race of the year. The race director made me race Cat 2, but at least he had a 50+ age group.

The gun goes off and I get the hole shot as we raced down the road towards the woods – “nope” I will not rabbit for them, so I sit up and realize there is a spot for 3rd, so I slide in as we hit the singletrack. I quickly moved to second, but as we worked through the first lap, every time I looked back, we were in a pace line. I am not used to this, normally the leaders ride away…. not tonight. I finished the first 5 miles in second and averaging 12.1 mph for the first lap. : 0 I can not do that two more times, so I let 2, 3 and 4 by and try to hang on in 5th, that worked for a couple miles, but before we finished 10 miles I was dropped. I continue to fall and finish in DFL – Dead Freaking Last – but I rode hard, averaged over 11 mph for 15 miles, I am not a Cat 2 rider!


I am the captain of a Fall Singles 4.0 tennis team, as teh captain, I made them play tonight so I could race my bike. After my race, I stopped by to test a used 300mm lens I bought.


10,000 ISO


Not bad for a 25 year old lens and hand holding it!






Those are my 3 team mates. I think they won the match… if so we start the season 2-0!

Aug. 9, 2019


Anna invited me to join her and family and friends to go rock climbing at Pilot Mountain.




I have not climbed in over 20 years, except for one climbing trip for a frozen waterfall with Tim. O


I am clearly not very good, but it is fun.


I was never scared, but right after this picture I just “slipped” off the rock. I was able finish this route!


Awesome views








Aug. 7, 2019


A good day till the end.
1. Work – accomplished lots

2. Weight day in the gym, having a blast with wall balls and chin ups, adding new stations in my circuit had motivated me.

3. Replaced broken rear shocks and leaking air bag hose on the Taco

080719podB4. Mountain bike ride

080719podC5. Tennis – Stadium court my butt – clay was dry and had weird bounces and this is where it went south, my undefeated summer singles season was on the line, I lost the first set 6-3, came back to win second 6-2 and lost the third set tie breaker.


I was/am disappointed, but I did qualify for the state championship tournament, and a beer helps. I was just glad I didn’t have a place to Uber to, I felt like getting hammered, instead one beer and home.