June 13, 2019


Today’s match (continuation from last night’s rain out) was one of those that make me realize why I love competition. I was playing #1 singles, and as I warmed up, I thought, this guy is a lot better than me, but I have seen that in warm ups before, but something about his consistency had me worried. Part of my warm up is hitting shots to see what he does with them, and he liked everything, deep, short, pace, off pace….

Last night we started under heavy clouds, and I dropped my first serve, he held and I was down 0-2 – all I could do was move him side to side and try to tire him out, that worked as the rain started, I served at 3-3 and my balls were throwing rooster tails all the way across the net – it was wet!

Today is my third week of being in a bad mental place and I was having trouble focusing. I wanted to finish the first set from last night – I was up 4-3 – his serve, I got lucky, broke his serve and held after being down Love -40. First set was mine.

Again like last night, I fell behind 0-2 in teh second set and had to find something. My serve finally came back, I got some easy games with hard serves and broke him to win 6-4.

A good match for me.


June 12, 2019


An awesome morning ride – Wild Turkey, Sunny Side and Owls Roost


Keto snack, homemade cucumber chips


They turned up great!


Lettuce wrapped burgers and chicken from BurgerIM in Greensboro


New tennis shoes – more orange than the red I wanted, but they work!

June 10, 2019


I had not planned to post another crappy food picture, but I didn’t shoot anything else today. This was my meal prep #2 yesterday, Keto taco soup. I had it for lunch, so far dinner it was grill chicken breast topped with pepper jack cheese and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


I was supposed to play tennis, but a rain shower wiped out the court, so after visiting the gym for weights, I started fixing Sam’s wall paper removal.


June 9, 2019


a crappy weather day, so I did some meal prep.

This is a Keto friendly and gluten free pasta dinner.


Almond flour, sweet rice flour, egg, Tapioca flour and xanthan gun noodles, this was teh toughest dough I have ever tried to make into noodles, as you run it through teh pasta maker, the oils in the almond flour keep coming out.


Low carb sauce. In the end I am happy, good texture and flavor. I also made taco soup for tomorrow. But will try a different noodle recipe for the rest of the sauce!

June 8, 2019

201906xxg_nws_graduation_Eastern Guilford

I photographed 2 graduations for the News & Record today.


First was Eastern Guilford – here is a link to the whole gallery – https://www.greensboro.com/gallery/featured/photos-eastern-guilford-high-school-graduation/collection_55be648c-eae5-508c-8acb-7b6f48792615.html


Then Smith High School – gallery here: https://www.greensboro.com/gallery/featured/photos-smith-high-school-graduation/collection_172842d0-890b-5b46-8523-9bdb21f4ad5a.html#1

June 1, 2019

Triangle Sprint Triathlon race report.
I forgot how early 4am is as I started driving to Raleigh. I have not raced a triathlon in 5 years, and this is only my 2nd in the past 12 years. After Ironman USA in 2007, I decided to take a break ; )
I had no idea how I would do, but I enjoy toeing the line, so I paid my fee and jumped in Harris Lake. My swim wasn’t as strong as I wanted, but I wasn’t surprised, I have swam twice in 2 months! I did swim faster than my age group winner, and was within a minute and half of top finishers.
The bike: My strength, I chose this race because the bike is tough for a sprint triathlon, I laid down a massive effort, in fact I had the top bike split for my age group! Average speed was 21.8mph.
The Run: I started the run in second place in my age group (I didn’t know it since it was an odd time trial start, so you have no idea who is racing against you) I ran 9 min miles for the 5k, but was passed by 2 guys in my age group, so I finished 4th in age group and 51st overall of the 300 starters.
That is a good day for me! Next race 2024?