Oct. 21, 2017


Today was supposed to be my first cross race of the year, but I am under the weather, so I stayed home and did chores. I started with a oil change on Deb’s car, as I drove it to warm it up, the brakes were squealing, so next up brakes, then I waxed half her car, mowed the grass, replaced a door handle on the Land Cruiser and worked on the bikes. It’s less work to race bikes!


Oct. 16, 2017


Since Deb and Sam weren’t with me last weekend, I wanted to share Valle Crucis and the original Mast General Store.

Hike #43 Crab Orchard Falls

(Photo by Jay Capers)

The color from last week was gone. Not a great weekend for finding Fall colors, but 2 more nights sleeping in the Flippac, 3 hikes, a bike ride and time with the family and no TV, still a great weekend!