Uwharrie National Forest

Feb. 16, 2023

A day outdoors. I started with a hike with Kodak, then we loaded kayaks, bikes and a picnic lunch and headed for Uwharrie.

We started on the forest service roads, me getting turned around and even dropping Rojo into a hole and getting up on three wheels, but we finally got on the water and paddled to a lunch spot. The wind kept us from getting to the far end today, but still nice to be on the water.

Then I took the chance to ride while Deb took a nap, I noticed a field of Daffodils way, and I mean WAY off the trail. I bush whacked to them.

Despite the tea pot in the first picture, I think this was a still site and not a homestead, I did find odd things, like an old, very old, shoe, and metal pieces, but no foundation or well remnants.

I was so far off the trail, it took a moment to find it again, but the flowers were worth it.

Dec. 31, 2022

I am glad 2022 is over, it’s been a year of change and loss. I miss loved ones I lost everyday. Please let 2023 be a better year.

Last year for Christmas a friend and I decided to get Apple Watches as a training tool. This is the first time I have looked at my yearly totals.  

Cycling – 1,385 miles, mostly off-road. This was the first year in maybe 20 I didn’t race once, so I feel this total is low to normal years.

Running – 48 miles. Not much but I only started running again 6 weeks ago, so I can live with those numbers.

Walking – 106 miles. These are mostly short walks with Kodak or on my lunch break.

Hiking – 106 miles. I did the math twice, to count as a hike, it had to be in the woods and on a trail.  It’s funny the mileage was teh exact same.

Tennis – 75 hours. 

The rest – Too lazy to do the math, but climbing, weights, yoga, indoor cycling, and the other odd things I did. 

Nov. 25, 2022


Since REI started closing on Black Friday and encouraging customers to go outside, I have tried to do it (like I need a reason) and motivation today really helped. It started with rain and I couldn’t talk myself into a long hike in the rain, so I started to prep for indoor climbing when the sun came out. I know Uwharrie doesn’t get sloppy (or have erosion issues after light rains) so that is where I went. This is also the trail where I originally broke the Salsa Dos Niner 12 years ago, so it was nice to ride it there again

I had planned a longer ride but my elastomers in my Thud Buster completely disintegrated, I haven’t used the seat post in years, so not surprised. The failure gave me time to catch the second half of the UNC v NC State game