Uwharrie National Forest

Sept. 24, 2017


Good morning. Prepping the Salsa Las Cruces for a gravel ride.


In the end we rode 17 miles of gravel and closed to vehicles but open to bikes Forest Service roads. None of the trails or FS roads were marked, so we had to “guess” and cleaned a ton of spider webs… The webs are one thing, but when the large spider is in the middle of the web and starts crawling on you, it’s less pleasant!


Aug. 26, 2017


That was interesting…. For the first time in a very long time I crashed mountain biking when I wasn’t expecting it. See the broken branch in the middle, my head snapped it, my shoulder hit the tree trunk, and both legs were cut by something. Up to that moment, I was enjoying the peacefulness and the lack of dangerous cars. I had not been on the MTB since my last race this Spring, might have been too long.

I had planned to hike this weekend, and since the front wheel was “taco-ed” so badly it wouldn’t turn in the fork, I am counting the hike out of Keyauwee Trail in URE as hike #31 of #52hikechallenge This is the third time I have had to carry a bike out of Uwharrie, I broke my Dos Niner frame there, snapped a chain and now this crash.

The funny story: I hit my head pretty hard and took a minute to gather my thoughts, checked myself, the bike and started walking. I had just over 3 miles to hike, with just under a mile to go I ran into a really cute blond and her stud-ly boyfriend and she asks me if they are almost to the top….. my head hurts and I say “what?” at this point of the trail they are descending hard (in fact one the funnest parts of the trail on a bike) – she asks again and I tell her she is walking downhill….. I stared at her wondering what she was asking me… there is no bald or real “top” on this trail. I asked if they knew where they where, informed them they had covered about 1 mile and had 5 to go to the bail out Forest Service Road. They thanked me and I walked away…. odd.

April 9, 2017


Today was another day in the woods. We started on a section of the Uwharrie River I have wanted to paddle for a while. It needs spring rains to be deep enough to paddle.


After the thunderstorms in the middle of the week, it looked promising, featuring over 12 class I rapids (easiest) and good flow. I don’t have pictures, but we started almost immediately when Sam flipped her boat when she hit a strainer (tree)


A great couple of hours on the water!


Then hike #15 of #52hikechallenge – Birkhead Tract of the Uwharrie Game Land.

What is Clay photographing this week?


An Eastern Fence Lizard.

April 1, 2017


A day in Uwharrie Forest, starting at the Uwharrie Jamboree celebrating the opening of the OHV trails for the season. Then Clay and I drove around some of the back roads.


Remember my series of Clay bending over playing photographer?


This week it was a snake. Nerodia


Then Hike #13 #52hikechallenge – Uwharrie Trail starting at the Jumping Off Rock trail head.


The Jumping Off Rock

Jan. 21, 2017


A great day of riding gravel and dirt around Uwharrie National Forest, 30 miles for total ride and less than 3 miles on asphalt  and didn’t repeat a mile of dirt from last week.


Then Clay and I compared camp equipment, my Svea 123 stove and Sigg Tourist pot versus Clay’s Evernew Ultra-Light Titanium stove and pot.


Playing with a couple of alcohol stoves and the Svea 123

Jan. 8, 2017


Hike #2 of the #52hikechallenge – Birkhead Mountain Trail in Uwharrie National Forest. We started at the Birkhead family farm, some buildings going back to the late 1800s.


Within a mile we had to cross a creek since the bridge was washed away. Not a problem except when hiking on a 15 degree morning, a wet foot would have been unpleasant!


Soon enough we were deep in the woods, only the crunch of the snow/ice under our feet.


How Kodak spent the second half of the hike. I had her off leash for the first half, but she wandered off and didn’t return, long enough I had to bush-whacked in her last known direction and back track till she returned… I was not happy!

About an hour and half in the silent woods, a rare North Carolina snow covering the hills, so a great day!