Uwharrie National Forest

April 9, 2017


Today was another day in the woods. We started on a section of the Uwharrie River I have wanted to paddle for a while. It needs spring rains to be deep enough to paddle.


After the thunderstorms in the middle of the week, it looked promising, featuring over 12 class I rapids (easiest) and good flow. I don’t have pictures, but we started almost immediately when Sam flipped her boat when she hit a strainer (tree)


A great couple of hours on the water!


Then hike #15 of #52hikechallenge – Birkhead Tract of the Uwharrie Game Land.

What is Clay photographing this week?


An Eastern Fence Lizard.

April 1, 2017


A day in Uwharrie Forest, starting at the Uwharrie Jamboree celebrating the opening of the OHV trails for the season. Then Clay and I drove around some of the back roads.


Remember my series of Clay bending over playing photographer?


This week it was a snake. Nerodia


Then Hike #13 #52hikechallenge – Uwharrie Trail starting at the Jumping Off Rock trail head.


The Jumping Off Rock

Jan. 21, 2017


A great day of riding gravel and dirt around Uwharrie National Forest, 30 miles for total ride and less than 3 miles on asphalt  and didn’t repeat a mile of dirt from last week.


Then Clay and I compared camp equipment, my Svea 123 stove and Sigg Tourist pot versus Clay’s Evernew Ultra-Light Titanium stove and pot.


Playing with a couple of alcohol stoves and the Svea 123

Jan. 8, 2017


Hike #2 of the #52hikechallenge – Birkhead Mountain Trail in Uwharrie National Forest. We started at the Birkhead family farm, some buildings going back to the late 1800s.


Within a mile we had to cross a creek since the bridge was washed away. Not a problem except when hiking on a 15 degree morning, a wet foot would have been unpleasant!


Soon enough we were deep in the woods, only the crunch of the snow/ice under our feet.


How Kodak spent the second half of the hike. I had her off leash for the first half, but she wandered off and didn’t return, long enough I had to bush-whacked in her last known direction and back track till she returned… I was not happy!

About an hour and half in the silent woods, a rare North Carolina snow covering the hills, so a great day!

Sept. 30,2016


Today was the first day of events at the American Adventurists’ Appalachian Rendezvous.

And the first event was a paddle of the Falls Reservoir.




Water seems deep enough


and a tight squeeze in…

10016pod_06 10016pod_05

old diversion tunnels makes great caves


then I wanted to touch the damn…


The water was weird feeling, not turbulent, not spinning or moving… it just had a life to it.