Uwharrie National Forest

Oct. 4, 2021

Kodak and I headed out for an evening hike, I figured I had an hour before complete darkness.

A good evening to start a week of promised rain

Right after I turned around, my foot felt weird and then the whole sole fell off my 20 year old boots. I tried using the shoe lace to hold it together, but that only lasted a couple steps at a time. I finally used both socks to sandwich my insole, worked to get out. Odd end of the hike, Special Forces trainees were entering the woods (not on the trail) all I saw was silhouetted figures… Kodak didn’t notice them (so much for a guard dog) I had been warned before I started they were coming and again after Kodak got back in the truck, a member came to make sure I wasn’t “freaked out” or whatever… It made me think about the time I was embedded during Robin Sage as a member of the, “Pineland Press”