August 1, 2017


Vacation Day 4 – We headed back to Panther Falls and had the place to ourselves. Jumped off the rocks, swam, tried to find the cave entrance behind the waterfall, and had lunch. After lunch, a couple other groups had arrived, our cue to leave!


Crabtree Falls – Hike #26 #52hikechallenge

This was a more strenuous hike than we thought, mainly cause it is straight up. The waterfalls were pretty – something about being tallest east of something or another….


but needed more water flow




Sam adds a cairn to the 100s built along the trail.


But this Copperhead was not interested in a cairn…

July 30, 2017


Vacation Day 2 – Staton Creek Falls. A great roadside waterfall that kept going.


You had to bush whack down to see the whole series of falls.

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Then back on the road and lunch at Ben Salem Wayside and this old lock


Canal boats used the lock in the late 1800’s on the North River.


A quick stop at Panther Falls. It was too crowded for us, we watched for a bit and decided to come back later. I am counting it as Hike #24 of #52Hikechallenge, it is a short walk, but I did it 3 times this week, so totaled I am counting it!


The end of the day.

July 8, 2017


We slept in and decided what to do… we had several miles back to the truck and a side trail for a waterfall – Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields – so we started back.

Hike #23 of #52hikechallenge


We enjoyed a lunch and quick swim in the cold water and finished up… the threat of rain and tired legs, we decided to come back and try the Black Balsam Knob from a different trail head next time.


After dropping the packs at the truck, we did the short hike to Lower Falls – enjoyed a swim and headed home.


through 7 tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A 10 out of 10 weekend!


A Land Cruiser and clouds….

June 25, 2017


I started early for a spin from the house to the top of the Linn Cove Viaduct


A cloudy and chilly start but I had the roads to myself!


My brother said he had enough working for the weekend and wanted to do touristy things, so we did a hike and lunch at Mellow Mushroom. This is Hike #21 of #52hikechallenge (been a month since my last hike) But a nice short hike in downtown Blowing Rock to Glen Burney Falls.

May 14, 2017


Mother’s Day – Breakfast in bed. (Uncle Wayne, do you recognize the pan?)


Deb went back to bed to celebrate her day and I went for bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is me trying to rescue a snake.


Then some work around the “mountain place” including yard work and finding thsi salamander.


Then it was time to hike. #19 #52hikechallenge – Gragg Prong Falls. Sam and I started last year to hike to these falls, but it was getting woods dark and we didn’t have a place to camp yet so we turned around, really glad we went back, awesome place and great swimming hole when it warms up.


The whole hike is beautiful!


There are a couple of creek crossings, in the end we gave up trying to keep the boots dry!

May 13, 2017


It’s been a long semester for Sam and me, so we needed a weekend away!

First stop – Moravian Falls near North Wilkesboro. A road side stop, but always pretty.


Then to Hike #18 #52hikechallenge – The Glen Burney Trail in Boone and the Glen Burney Falls.


A detail of falls.




The whole hike is pretty, including the Cascades.


and The Ruins, Boone’s former Waste Treatment plant (last used in 1929!


and a night at the “mountain place” – Deb and I still slept in the Tacoma! It is so relaxing here, you can see Grandfather Mountain, the trees in the wind sounds more like the ocean and in the morning the whistle blowing of Tweetsie Railroad.

Jan. 28, 2017

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

Hike #5 of #52hikechallenge

We decided the nice weather and a free day meant we wanted a fun hike, so Clay, Kay and I headed towards the Great Channels near Abingdon, VA.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

There was ice and snow on the way up….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

but the top bathed in sun, and worth the trip even if you can’t climb the old fire tower.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

But we came for the channels….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

It was worth it, 30 plus foot openings, lots of slices to play in….

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

To say Hwy 80 is curvy…

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

on the way back we saw this waterfall on a creek that feeds into the North Fork of the Holston River.

Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA


Great Channels of Virginia near Abingdon, VA

Clay will do whatever it takes to get the picture!

Jan. 22, 2017


Hike #4 of the #52hikechallenge. I returned to Raven Rock State Park to hike some of the other trails. The threat of rain, Sam’s homework and distance planned kept my family home, so Clay and Kay joined me.


We chose the Campbell Creek Loop Trail down to Lanier Falls.




The recent rains had the Cape Fear River really running.




A pleasant surprise, the creek side of the loop was open for the first time since Hurricane Matthew in October. What a beautiful walk in the woods! We skipped the rest 3 miles since it was starting to sprinkle and we had stayed dry for the last 5 miles.

Oct. 16, 2016


The day started slow and we got on the road a little late, it was race #2 of the season, but the light was awesome, and we stopped a couple of times for pictures. In fact I had to talk myself into going to the race over hiking and picture taking.


But race I did! The Boone race is always great, a challenging course and free pizza and beer make it an easy choice!


Sam’s picture of this year’s special treat, an of camber greasy turn downhill… lots of falls!


I was happy I rode it all 3 laps, no falls for me.


Me on the run up.


Celebrating my 44th place : P – thanks Sam for the pictures and cheering for me!


It was time for pictures after the race, the Blue Ridge Parkway was busy as near peak color was everywhere!


Price Lake at Julian Price Memorial Park

101616pod_30 101616pod_22

Jesse Brown Cottage next to the Cool Springs Baptist Church on the parkway.


Cascade Falls, also called “The Cascades“,  located at E. B. Jeffress Park


Just a creek


Raven Rock Overlook


Me cycling just for a picture. (Sam picture)


Sept. 4, 2016


Cullasaja Falls– after getting off track and driving along some beautiful roads, we finally got around to visiting waterfalls. There is no sign for this falls, and a steep trail leads to the base. A tough trip down as ground wasps were stirred up and Deb, the dog and me were all stung.


So we head up the Cullasaja River a bit for a quiet spot to recover. Laying in the middle of a small waterfall is so relaxing!


Next up was Bust Your Butt Falls. A popular place and was as always crowded, but we stayed to jump from the rocks (read cliff) into the deep pools.

Click here to Watch us Jump


Pano of Pothole Falls. That night was back to the river for play and baths.

Click Here to Watch Video