June 19, 2021

Busy day. Started with a sunrise ride at RAT

Then off-roading Engineer Pass

Michael Breen Mine ruins

As we got above the tree line and onto the shelf road, a hail storm hit – Watch the video here

but it cleared up on top, notice the hail on the windshield. Lunch spot!

Since the pass isn’t the top of Engineer Mountain, we hiked last 1/4 mile up to the 13,218 foot summit.

The actual pass…

A waterfall

Ute Ulay ghost town

A big hole in the dam

We took the long way home, something like 12 hours over the mountain and through the woods.

Two majestic elk and one derpy elk

May 31, 2021

We started the day with a hike in the La Sal Mountains to Brumely Arch, it included a waterfall, ice at the base of the waterfall and a slot canyon at the top.

I love hiking in Aspens

The arch was pretty, just tough to photograph

Then we drove toward Geyser Pass, I am never tired of this view out my windshield

Pretty trees, light and still clean Pongo

I was goofing around in the snow and got stuck, a quick tug by James and I was free. As we continued up Geyser Pass, we found a Ford Raptor deep in snow, I was able to pull him out as Beth walked ahead to report the shelf road was covered in snow and off camber… with a huge drop, so time to turn around.

So we decided to move campsites to the other side of Moab to be closer to Arches NP and a planned sunrise hike. Pongo was no longer clean…

May 23, 2021

Dianas Throne slot canyon – May 23, 2021

We started today with Diane’s Throne Slot Canyon.

Dianas Throne slot canyon – May 23, 2021

It is a “technical” canyon, meaning it needs canyoning skills and ropes to complete… we will see about that!

Dianas Throne slot canyon – May 23, 2021

Once again an early start and not going to “popular” places meant we had the canyon to ourselves!

We were forced up and out of the canyon, and hiked along it’s rim looking for a new way back into it

Diana’s Throne slot canyon – May 23, 2021

But we didn’t make it to the end… just too many spots that required ropes, etc.

If you are in the area, Bryce NP is a must visit, it’s really just a scenic drive with side hikes, and was crowded

The hoodoos are cool to see.

Bryce even has a waterfall on the hike to Mossy Cave

I know everyone is missing seeing Pongo pictures, in front of hoodoos in Dixie National Forest

I ended the day with a bike ride along forest service roads outside Zion NP