Jan. 8, 2018


Sam in her happy place – Panara Bread. Waiting for Deb’s flight near RDU.


Jan. 7, 2018


I woke up with no plan for the day, as I ate breakfast I decided, look for frozen waterfalls. I looked at mountains in Boone or Highlands, but decided Hanging Rock State Park.


I started at Window Falls, because I knew I could walk behind it.


Self timer behind the falls.


Window Falls through the window.


The front view.


Photo of me by my student Khadejeh at Lower Cascades.  I ran into a couple of students on my last waterfall of the day… when I think back to my college days and all the chasing I did for photographs (and I still do) I am thrilled when I see students doing more than just my assignments. PS like the hat? Deb knitted for me!

After the waterfalls, I mountain biked the trails at Moores Spring (MST) what a fun ride!


Jan. 6, 2018


I was getting cabin fever and needed to get out the house, so teh dog and I hiked teh trails at the NC Zoo.


I really wish Asheboro/Randolph County would build mountain bike trails, it is tough to drive 40 mins or more in 15 degrees to ride….  I would be riding this week, if I could do it locally!