April 16, 2021

Decided to do the rear seat delete on Pongo

A dusty Kodak was slowing done progress….

My first height was based on fitting a Pelican case under, but Kodak would have struggled jumping in and fallen out open windows

added a lot of insulation to help with noise


dog approved

even NoNo likes it…

time to relax!

April 10, 2021

Pongo is a little tough to see over the hood when off-roading, I have already had a time or two coming over a rise and not being able to see what I am dropping into. I found the solution, Anytime Camera’s front camera and switch.

The view of the front camera, there is now a switch so I can turn it on anytime I want

The switch also allows me to turn on the rear camera without being in Reverse.

As always, thanks to Clay for helping me with electrical stuff!