Oct. 20, 2015

102015podCFall Break for students means two days of professional development for instructors, everyone always asks what we do, so here you go.

102015podAI did escape early enough to grab Sam and get a quick paddle in, I loved the reflection under the bridge.

102015podBI had not been home 5 minutes when the cats decided the kayaks on the roof were the most interesting thing of the day

Aug. 29, 2015

082915pod01Sam wanted to do her first 5k this summer, and we choose the Color Run in Greensboro.

082915pod02We have not started, and already “colored”

082915pod03And we are off…..

082915pod04 082915pod05 082915pod06So the run is broken up by stations where strangers throw colored corn starch on you.

082915pod07 082915pod11Same picture but different angle (second picture by Deb) I am in background.

082915pod10 082915pod09 082915pod08Finished. Thanks to Kay for joining us for Sam’s first 5k! And to Clay for running 4k to take photos on his cell phone.

082915pod13Stuff to wash in the bucket.