Jan. 19, 2015

011915podADeb got me an awning for the back of the Tacoma for Christmas (Thanks honey!) I wanted to permanently mount it, but construction of the Flippac made it impossible to direct mount it, so I need to fabricate a frame. This is it! (really these pictures are so I can post them to another forum)

011915podG 011915podFIt is square, L shaped and flat aluminum stock. With a large backing plate to spread the weight.

011915podHI used cap mounting foam to keep the Al off the fiberglass.

011915podI 011915podJAnd this is it mounted and deployed. The legs do extend up over 6 feet, we were looking at rain protection ideas.

Nov. 23, 2014

Photo A Day Project  (photo by Jay Capers)I am bored! I had thought of driving to Dupont State Forest to mountain bike on Saturday and race cyclocross Sunday in Charlotte, I decided not to drive that far Saturday and then the rain forecast made the 3 hour round trip while wet and cold seem like I should skip it.  *** A MISTAKE ****  Now I am home, all the laundry washed, folded and put away, prepared for a trip to my mom’s, house vacuumed, kitchen clean, etc. Then I started a Craigslist search for a VW Bus and more reading on The Samba. I have tried to build my Tacoma to be Syncro Vanagon, but there are days I dream…..

Two trailers for the documentary film, “The Bus”