May 22, 2021

Today was one goal, hike The Narrows in Zion NP – the process starts the day before at 5pm, signing on the lottery for shuttle passes the next day, secured, we waited our turn and started hiking up the Virgin River.

The hike is in the river, ankle to knee deep most of the 5 hours we hiked

The Zion Canyon has walls that are over a thousand feet tall in sections.

May 20, 2021

First drive into Zion National Park, wow it is pretty, but crowded, luckily Beth found a hike for the Lower Clear Creek slot canyon via the Hobbit Hole. Perfect, we had the place to ourselves.

After the tight part of the slot ended, we hiked along the creek bed, Deb took pictures of patterns on rocks, and James, Beth and me created “content” for out YouTube channels (ie we hiked and shot too many videos)

Just can’t go wrong here…

Climbers on a multi-pitch route… we watched them as we ate lunch, the other view was the picture above.

The moon rises over Kolob Canyon in Zion NP

After a full day of hiking, exploring and wondering, Deb and I headed to Salt Lake City (5 hours away) for her morning flight home. We did stop for our first In-N-Out meal, no I didn’t get it Animal style.